Monday, September 9, 2013

Good Morning Chickies, I hope you all have a blessed weekend!  Ours was great but to be honest, I'm a bit tired this morning.  On Saturday, I hit our neighbors garage sale and scored when it came to clothes for our two youngest grands.  In the afternoon, hubby and I ran to a local farm stand and bought two dozen ears of corn; we brought them home, clean & shucked them and then cut off the kernels and bagged them.  We  have about 15-17 bags of corn for the winter-yeah!  I started doing this about four years ago; the corn was some of the sweetest I'd ever had and knew we'd enjoy it throughout the cold months, if we froze some.  Yesterday we watched two granddaughters for the afternoon-you see, our daughters church was putting on a children's production called Paul and Silas; the children have been working on this play all summer.  The final dress rehearsal happened yesterday afternoon and the play was last night.  Let me tell you-it was incredible!  I'm not saying it just  because 6 of our 11 grands were in it, but truly it was amazing!  I will post photos tomorrow; I know there will be a u-tube video out there somewhere. 
Right now I'm taking Hunter for a walk and then will ride. I'm anticipating helping my girl out this morning-thinking they will all be tired today.  I can tell fall is here-this morning it is cool and should be 10 degrees cooler today, tomorrow is supposed to have rain and be twenty degrees cooler. 
Have a energy filled day!
Hugs to you~
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Good morning friend. I am way behind in blogs. I just caught up a bit here with you.
    My sweet Nana has passed. A busy time ahead as we make arrangements for her funeral. Been thinking of you.

  2. So glad you had cooler weather. We will not have any for a month yet!
    In just 10 days it will be one YEAR already since I Lost Zoie!!! I miss her but I know God had it all plained out!! It was as it was plained She would never like what is going on next door and be very unhappy about it!!!!
    Really I miss all my dogs I have had such great ones!!

  3. Looks like your weekend was super great, Noreen. I cam imagine how proud you were of those precious grandchildren, and of the smiles and tears of joy you had. So sweet of you to give the girls a rest.
    Sweet corn is the best.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Me and Stanley noticed that the days are not as hot but they are still pretty warm. Mom and dad went running this morning so she said she has no more energy - LOL!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. We've had some of the best corn this year! I've never thought about freezing it! What a great idea.
    Glad to hear it's getting cooler there -- please send that next door to us in KS! :) We'll hit 100 again today; I'm ready for a cool down!

  6. Sounds like a great week-end to me. I bet that play WAS great, and warmed your heart. Enjoy your day!

  7. Looking forward to your photos!!! I'm looking forward to those days with my grands!!


  8. What a whirlwind! Relax the rest of the week.


  9. Sounds like a nice wk-end!
    The cooler mornings are enjoyable and the older I get, the more I appreciate them.
    Be blessed my friend,

  10. I wish we could freeze some sweet corn, but when it's fresh, we can't help but eat it instead of freezing it. ;-)

    Our cooler weather will arrive the day we leave for Hilton Head ... my van said that it was 101 outside when I stopped at Target on my way home from DD's.


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