Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Family Treasures

Happy Wednesday Friends~As you know, the second reason we went out to California this last couple of weeks was to pick up some family heirlooms. The quilt I shared yesterday is such an incredible heirloom and one I will cherish forever. This table and lamp sat in my hubby's childhood home, until the house sold last May. I have always loved both the inlaid table and lamp and although they don't date back as far as the quilt, they are treasures none the less. I guess since an item is an antique when it is 25 yrs older or older, these would be considered antiques. Of course, that says that we seniors are antiques as well.
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I can tell you that the inlay on the table is beautiful and that the lamp is handpainted. Hubby and I love antiques but don't decorate with just antiques; we are more a mix of traditional and antiques. We still haven't decided where the table will end up, but for now it works perfectly where it is-at least until Christmas, when we put our tree up.
I hope you have a great day; we will be glued to the t.v. this afternoon watching the final race of the America's Cup Sailing race in San Francisco.  Go USA!
Joy to you.


  1. Noreen, what a gorgeous table and lamp! You will love having them in your home. I am also very fond of antiques and have many family heirlooms. I form bonds with these things that were in my family, and care for them as if they were fine china, in hopes that one day, one of our children will care for them and love them as much as I do.
    Go USA!!!
    xo KRis

  2. They are both just beautiful Noreen! How wonderful you will be able to enjoy and care for them in your home now!

  3. That is a lovely table! Mom likes that sort of stuff. Mom said she was thinking of you today cuz she bought some quilting fabric!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Heirlooms touch our hearts more than just an antique, don't they? Your quilt from yesterday and this beautiful table and lamp will be treasured. I have a writing desk that was my Grammy's and it brings me joy. Enjoy these pieces, Noreen.

  5. Noreen, we have similar taste--I love antiques and have them around my house too. Your treasures are really beautiful and it's so nice they are part of your home to enjoy. I've no doubt they will become loved even more by your family.

  6. It is lovely. It's always nice to have things that remind us of times past and loved ones.

  7. I am loving your table and lamp. What fun to have some great family pieces like those. Love them. xo Diana

  8. Absolutely beautiful... especially since both pieces have such great meaning to them.

    Happy rest of your week, my friend.

    Love~ Andrea


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