Monday, April 29, 2013


Happy Monday to you! It is so good to be back at home and settling into our normal routine. Hunter and I will head out shortly for a walk, as it never materialized yesterday-the poor boy ended up getting a bath instead. I wanted to share the table and lamp that hubby and I got, from his mom's house. Much of the furniture wasn't our style and so it went to auction; but these two pieces are waiting for us at my brother's house. We will be back out in September to watch the America's Cup race in San Francisco. As much as I love our home state, it is so nice to go back to Los Altos and the northern bay area and spend time. I do love all the trees and flowers; in fact, I come home thinking I could plant about a dozen trees in our back yard.

As you can see the table is inlaid-so very beautiful.  Hubby doesn't remember when his parents got this table, only that it has always been in the living room.  The lamp is old as well and very pretty.  We are not sure where we will put this when we get it home-possibly the table in our living room and the lamp in the family room.  It is so special to have pieces of furniture that your parents had; we have my parents dining room set.   I am happy to say that all the legal things got taken care of and although there is probably 9 more months of taxes etc., the rest is over-yippee. 
After our walk this morning, I'm running to my girls house to help with her kiddos. I also hope to work in the yard a bit as well.  Spring is coming; it is going to be warm today but snow is due on Wed. 
I hope you have a wonderful day, dear ones.
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter


  1. Yes it is nice to have something from the family. My MOM has this very cool radio thing that was her Grandparents. It is big, on four legs and has a flip up top that has the radio part and these cool buttons that you press where you are suppose to be able to here radio stations form France, Switzerland, England and others. And to this day MOM says it has the best sound when we listen to the FM stations around here. Then the other side flips down and you can play records. Yea it's cool and a treasure. Have a great walk with Hunter. I think it should be double long to make up for no walk and a bath yesterday. Just sayin'

  2. So glad that the worst is over. Hope you get some time outdoors today ... this time of year, we need to take advantage of whatever nice days we can get, right? ;-)

  3. Glad you are home. The table is lovely. So is the lamp. It is so special to have things from our childhood!

  4. So glad your home and everything went well! LOVE the table and the lamp. And your right, I love pieces of furniture with history and meaning. Enjoy your day Noreen!

  5. Hi dear, I know you are glad to have most of that behind you! What a lovely inlaid table.
    Have a great time with your grands.

  6. My grandmother had a lamp similar to that. She called it a "gonewiththewind" lamp. Love the inlaid table. Glad most of the chores are complete.

  7. Beautiful table - rosewood?
    Thanks for sharing your life with us, Noreen.
    Lots of love to Hunter too. <3

  8. Very sweet table/lamp and so special as is your dining set. Hope you and Hunter enjoyed your walk and that you'll have a nice day today.


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