Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quilts and such

Good morning friends, happy Tuesday to all of you.  So how are you this fine March morning?  I finally finished the baby quilt for our friends first granddaughter.  It is much smaller than I normally make and to be honest, I am a bit concerned, but I also put much more hand quilting on it than I normally do.  As always, I've prayed over the quilt and the little lass who will receive it. 

Well, winter has returned to Colorado and I can honestly say I wasn't really pleased to see it this morning.  I still love it and it will provide me with a morning to stay inside and probably get some much needed housework done.  This afternoon I do indeed need to start a new quilt for a grand daughters birthday next month but I'm in the middle of reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  It has been a great book, albeit a bit heavier than her daily posts but I'm again struck with the fact that Ann has a gift for words; in fact she is like a poet-her phrases are so beautiful.  When we first moved here and I started reading her daily posts, I began to jot down blessings around me but then got into blogging and my list got side tracked.  After reading Ann's book, I realized that I want to begin in earnest again, to jot down each and every blessing throughout every day.  I know that when I take mental notes of all that blesses me, my attitude is to find more and more but now I am hungry to write them down for a record for the grands to have. 
This has also made me ponder another question-not about thanksgiving but gals do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by how many blogs you follow and want to read daily?  Am I alone in this?  I won't tell you how many of you I follow but it would seem each day I find at least one more that I go back to, that I don't follow, because you all are just such blessings.  If I read all that I follow each and every day I'd never leave the computer.  How do you all manage this?  I've got different categories that I read-firstly those sisters who encourage and write about their walk of faith, times with nana, quilters and of course doggy-blogs.  My youngest asked me what I meant by dog-blogs and I told her it was kindred spirits that love dogs and write about their lives with their pups.  So do any of you have tricks to make sure you are caught up?  I've determined that, as much as I'd like, I am not signing up to follow any more unless I weed out some that I just don't read.
Wherever you are dear friends, have a rich and joy filled day.  Do you have a gratitude list; if not, why not start one today-you might just be amazed at the many many blessings in your day.
Hugs today, Noreen


  1. Good morning Noreen....First, I want to tell you that the quilt is BEAUTIFUL...I LOVE it!! And second I am wondering if this is something you do for money? Do you take orders?? Or is this something you do strickly for your own pleasure and to bless others? If you do indeed take orders I would LOVE LOVE one for my daughter...And second, you have touched on a subject that I have given soo much thought to recently. There are sooo many blogs that bless me for different reasons, and YES it is very hard to keep up with them all. I try to read MANY, but only comment regularily on those that I consider to be "friends", or kindred spirits...do you know what I mean? If it wasn't that I am forced to sit as much as I am with this knees, I could NEVER keep up with as many as I do, haha...Let me know what conclusions you come to as I would too really love to know how others manage. Have a wonderful day. HUGS

  2. Pretty quilt!! I love it. I wouldn't worry about the size. She may choose it as a wall hanging instead.

    I don't follow terribly many blogs - probably because I lack time to go find them! I tend to follow people I know as a way to keep up with them. Others I bookmark and frequent only when I have extra time.

  3. If I find a blog that I want to go back to read but not really follow, I bookmark it in a folder called "blogs". This way I have it saved for a later time. A time to sit and enjoy, give the needed attention the blog deserves. I am still new to blogland and can feel overwhelmed. You are right, if I followed everyone I would never leave my seat. To be honest, I love having a "dashboard" that I can briefly skim my blogs that I do follow. I might not read them every day but if something catches my eye I read. There are a few that have my attention every day. I don't expect people to read my blog everyday and I can't expect myself to read all day. Balance :) May God bless your day and guide you. Hugs!

  4. Oh, Noreen, that quilt is gorgeous! You're starting *now* for a quilt for a birthday next month? Wow, I'm impressed, dear one. I'm still working on piecing together the top for a quilt ... I started it right after Christmas. I'm 2/3 of the way done piecing the blocks, and then I have to piece together the blocks. *THEN* I can begin the handquilting, which is a whole 'nother time-consuming process. Thankfully, like you, I use that time to pray over the recipient. ;-)

    I do like Sara does ... there are some blogs where I can wait to read when I have a little extra down time. Those blogs are bookmarked in a blogs folder. I've also removed a few blogs from my reader to the blogs folder.

    I follow a blogger who always adds a few gratitudes at the end of her blog posts ... I've thought about copying her and adding that to my blog posts. Like you, I know that when I focus on how I'm blessed and what I have to be thankful for, I have a much better overall attitude and am more apt to notice other/smaller blessings that might otherwise be overlooked or forgotten.

    Have a terrific Tuesday, dear one.

  5. The quilt is beautiful Mom! And, a Spring snow? I just love it!!!! :)

  6. Love the baby quilt!!! I am very impressed.
    As for keeping up with blogs I read them at least twice a week. I do not post that often on my blog, this also helps me keep up with other blogs.

  7. I'm with Debbie. I love the quilt! Also deal with that same issue. Some of you are just so special, but there's just not enough time to keep adding.....

  8. Noreen, about the blogs....when I find a blog I absolutely love, or even just enough that I know I don't want to lose track of it, I put it in my blogroll list. I may not read it daily. Nor do all of the blogs I follow post daily. But I keep them on my blogroll while I have enough time to either get to know that blogger, or decide that perhaps that blog is not really my cup of tea after all. If this is the case, I take it off my blog roll. I also go through and remove blogs that don't post regularly as well. Being one that loves to cook, I have many cooking blogs I follow. But those for instance, I can click on maybe once a week or so. It is a personal thing really.

  9. LOVE the quilt....even if it seems small it will be treasured...if for nothing else a good hugging blankie. I so hear you on so many wondrous blogs to read. Feel free to move on from mine any time...you won't offend. For me it seems that each day is different...what I read and what I skim....it is easy to get lost in this blogging world and lose out on my real world. The blogging world has changed my life. And I am VERY curious so I love to peek into worlds far away from mine...see how others live differently...keeps me alive. Never let it become a burden or you've lost the gift it can be. Pick and choose, hit and miss your life will go on.

  10. Oh Noreen your quilt is just beautiful! I know she will love it and cherish because it came from you and I know she will feel the love that you poured into every stitch :) What a blessing you are!!!

    For the blogs ~ gosh.....If I start building a relationship with them then i am a loyal follower and commenter but there are some days that I don't so I try to get back and read the ones I missed but it doesn't always happen...Just know that whomever you visit is so blessed with your friendship and love!

  11. Hey there...

    What a beautiful quilt! I'm sure your granddaughter will one day understand the love that went into it.

    Blogs: You are not alone in feeling distressed about not visiting all your cyber buddies. However, I think all bloggers understand this. It's the quality of your visits that counts - not the quantity.

    I use 'Google Reader' to keep abreast with what's happening, but I can't always leave comments.

    Blogging should be fun! Do what you can, when you can. Your cyber buddies won't go away. Once you visit a good blog, you never forget it.(even if you are away from blogging for months)

    Relax and let the love flow.:)

    Sending lotsaluv

  12. I must say "ditto" to all the other quilt comments. I am ever-so-impressed with the creative talents of OTHER people. It's just beautiful.

    As for blog reading ... It's a tension I haven't mastered either. I've pretty much decided I'm willing to give it about an hour a day, or every other day. Thus I rarely make it to every blogger's site often. BUT, eventually I do. Thus I understand when people haven't been by to visit me either.

    Mostly I'm delighted to be part of the cyber-community that often gives testimony to the Lord. It's such a beautiful balance to offset all the other worthless stuff that inhabits cyberspace.


  13. Love the pretty quilt (o:
    It is finally warmish and sunny today.
    It is hard but necessary ( for me) to keep the reading list under control. I hope I don't get cut...lol
    I don't write long comments because I type with two fingers.... long comments would keep me here all day.
    My BD is the 12th...so you were not late (o:

  14. Hi! Noreen, I must agree, w/ all the other sisters, Your gift of quilting is awesome! and as far as all the blogs, Sweetie~ just read where the Lord sends you! and you will probally get around to most all of them! Love and Blessings for a Happy:)Thursday! (ps~ do not drop me!)HA_HA!

  15. Noreen:
    The quilt is gorgeous! I, too struggle to get to all the blogs that bless me and lately I have struggled to even get to my own blogs. I was actually coming by to apologize to you and beg forgiveness. I treasure your friendship and do NOT want you to think I am just not coming by. I pray life will slow down and I will at least be able to get by all my favorite blogs.
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  16. Beautiful quilt my friend. You make me really want to make a quilt bad!

    I don't get to read all the blogs I follow every time, but i do try and read most of them!


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