Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Saturday

Good Morning to you.  Here in northern Colorado the weather is wonderful, spring is in the air and the birds are enjoying the left over berries from our Crab Apple tree.  A good week it has been; hubby is finally on the mend, I spent time with girl friends, walked with my dear friend, began the birthday quilt, celebrated one of our families favorite holidays, got  positive feedback from our vet on our old Reggie, saw both sets of grands, did some shopping with daughter and her four girls.  Today first thing, I finally got to taking off my Christmas playlist(I'm a bit late)and setting up a new one.  Later this morning, hubby and I will head to Denver to meet up with my girlfriend and her very pregnant daughter(who I made the quilt for), hand off some presents- for she is due next month.  She lives up in Vail, which is about a 3 hour drive from us, so chances are we won't be seeing her for a bit and wanted to get her momma the quilt I made and give the gal her baby presents.  Later dear hubby needs to work at the golf course so I'll be busy here designing and sewing.  Most of my quilts are not from patterns but are just from memory of past quilts.  This new one is a design I haven't done before so it is a bit more challenging thus requiring more prayer.  Seriously!
I was fine with the deadline until my dear hubby asked when it was for and when I told him mid-April he actually looked really concerned about whether I could get it done or not.  That kicked me into high gear but if it must be known, I do work better when I'm under a time crunch.  Our weather though is beckoning me outside...oh well.  Tomorrow hubby will be working on a workbench for the golf course so I should have plenty of time to sew. 
Have any of you ever had a child that suffers from bad night terrors?  If so, how did you handle it?  Any suggestions?  On of our grands gets them occasionally and even her parents can't wake her up and get her calmed down and it sometimes last for several hours.  She always dreams of spiders and bugs; they show her the next day that her room is totally free of any bug but they can never pinpoint when this is going to happen.  If your child has had this, is it something that they grew out of?  I used to have nightmares and would walk, talk, sing, etc in my sleep but this is different. 
So, I hope you are having spring like weather and that you can enjoy your day!!!
With a song in my heart,


  1. Our youngest dealt with a lot of took prayer, against a spirit of fear. Praying scriptures that are anti fear are wonderful....a sound machine that had a noise she chose softly filling the room. It is so hard. Sound like you had such a full wonderful week.

  2. Noreen, your weather sounds ideal. Believe it or not, after several nice days, we got some snow. It's a spring snow though, so it won't last long. My "boys" went to the city for a guy day and I had intended to do some yard work. Well, I got a little of it done before it got too white. Oh, well. It's not going anywhere, is it? Have a blessed Sunday........Denise

  3. Your week sounds like it was full and happy. Pam's idea of scriptures sounds good against night terrors.

  4. Hi Beautiful Friend!! You are just crazy about quilting, huh? I for one love quilts of all kinds!! I know yours are made from the heart, and I'm sure each recipient is sooo very blessed by your kindness!!
    You're such a dear!!
    Sorry I missed your call! Ran's sis is gone, the birthdays are over, and things are settling down. Call me again when you have a bit of time, ok?

    Love you bunches!!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful visit and were able to work on the quilt. There is nothing like a quilt made with love and fat quarters. :)

  6. My grandson Eli did that for awhile, but then they just stopped. I think I prayed it out of him!

    I know you had a great weekend and pray that your week is filled with JOY!


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