Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today's Thankful Thursday post is on friendship. For women ,in general, I believe that we need our friends- especially our girlfriends.
But in order to be a true friend, to love unconditionally, we must first have Jesus as our Best Friend. He truly can teach us to love one another, to accept what others can't and to forgive when we've had our hearts broken. So I am truly thankful to my Lord and Savior for loving me and saving me and being my Friend plus so much more.
I am also thankful for the friends and sisters I've made online. Two years ago when we moved here, leaving behind all of my dearest friends(Except my hubby and girls) it was very difficult to begin new relationships. When you've an empty nesert and are retired it is more challenging to connect with others. Thankfully we found some great friends here but in my loneliness I discovered Lynn and Dineen at Spiritually Unequal Marriages and that led me to a host of other blogs. My oldest girl encouraged me to begin a blog; I was skeptical at first because I had seen many self-obsessed MY SPACE pages and I knew that I wanted mine to be about my faith, my family and the daily living on this gal. Through blogland I met an incredible amount of ladies that I now cherish as close friends, I was encouraged in my walk through the Truth I read and my lonliness left. So today I thank you and send you all hugs for writing and reaching out to others.
I am thankful for the friendship of my hubby-it's been a lifelong journey and I'm blessed. I am thankful for the friendship of my girls. I truly believe it was always there but nurtured when we homeschooled and then as they grew, married and became mommas. Such an incredible blessing.
I am thankful for the friends that took hubby golfing yesterday in preparation for the Pro-Am today. What a fun day although the weather resembled the Oregon and Washington coast with damp rain all day; they all had a great time golfing and I loved driving the cart. If my back didn't prohibit golf I might have even wanted to play. I did freeze all day but hubby lovingly bought me a sweatshirt at WalM*rt-otherwise I probably would have stayed in the car for the four hours. We had a wonderful dinner with our friends and hope to eventually go down their direction,to the club they belong to, so they can play and I can enjoy driving the cart-on a sunny day.
I am thankful for the friend who is coming over this morning to pray-what joy to join another before the Throne.

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Be blessed today dear friends,


  1. AMEN...I am thankful for all my "true" friends...those in the blog-world and those outside of it.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Oh Noreen I LOVE this post and what you are saying here. I can soo relate. I have discovered a whole world of wonderful, caring, loving Christian women in this blogworld who I have not only come to know and love, but to depend upon in more ways than I ever imagined. My walk has been strengthened and I have seen His hand at work all over. How wonderful is that? I am glad you enjoy such a closeness with your hubby as well ~ another area I can soo relate with. How blessed we are to have these special guys to grow old with. Have a wonderful day...HUGS, Debbie

  3. Morning Noreen,
    You are so right, friendships are so wonderful and needed. They just add more dimensions of the Lords love to our lives. It is harder to connect with people during the empty nest years, cause you have lost a lot of contacts that you had thru your children. I believe it is all in Gods plan so that it draws us closer to his heart and we become better friends with Him and with our hubbies.
    and as our children grow up we can become better friends as well.
    It was hard at first but I too have found blogging to have been a huge help, and it was wonderful to see so many other ladies my age,
    that are still home and doing what they always did and that have the same heart for the home and family.
    What a blessing it has been, but we all certainly need those friends we can see and touch as well. I too, am so thankful for those dear friends as well.
    Have a great day, and I am thankful for you too, sweet friend, always enjoy hearing about you and your family and your life in general.
    Love and Blessings abundant,

  4. Dear Noreen, I too am thankful on this Thursday, for my newly found friends in "blogland." Lisa Shaw was so kind to introduce me to all of her friends...I'm SOO thankful for this time in my life, when even though "Things don't make a lot of sense," I can still see the fingerprints of our Lord in my life--and to know how many other sisters are out there, walking along the narrow path with our Lord--it is just refreshing and quite uplifting! My Space is so "self-centered"--like you said...but "this space" is about looking out from ourselves, finding out that there are other sisters just like us out there. So with that, I'm Thankful on this Thankful Thursday. Big hugs!! :)

  5. This was wonderful, Noreen...friendships ARE so important...and even in our relationships with our family...having Jesus as our best friend makes all the difference...

    I never cease to be amazed at how the Lord uses online friends to bless us....

  6. Noreen,

    I so look forward to hopeful meeting one day. I know we would completely be a blessing to one another.

    I am thankful for all the encouraging comments you leave me every single day.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. What would we do without our wonderful friends, both in person and in blogland. I have met some really awesome ladies via reading their blogs. And I have learned so many wonderful things and shared some great recipes, etc. by reading blogs. Love & blessings from NC!

  8. I'm thankful for our friendship. It's been a blessing. As you can see we are home. I'll get an e-mail out to you, hopefully later tonight or tomorrow. Love ya

  9. Hi! Noreen,Oh! yes, it is a Blessing to be able to build friendships thru Blogging! I just absolutly have been so blessed with uplifting comments,encouragement,and felt Love from one another. Thank you for being one of my Friends! Remember; Somebody in Texas Loves you!:).

  10. Great blog about friendship
    glad you have new friends added to your list
    you are so sweet and outgoing I am sure everyone counts it a blessing to be around you. I do (o:
    Glad you got to go drive the cart and have some fun.
    we will camp again in August up near the Snowy Range in Wyoming. Beautiful place to see by the way.

  11. What a beautiful message Noreen! I'm thankful that you are one of my online sister-friends. You're special to me and I'm praying for you even now.

    Love you!

  12. Beautiful post!! Yes-we do need all our friends in and out of the blogging world.
    It has been wonderful for me to meet new blogging friends. I have met many special and loving Christian women in the few months I have been blogging.It is good to know that we can support and bear each others burdens. The Lord knows just who we need in our lives and I am so thankful!
    Have a great day!
    Blessings and hugs.


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