Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mountain Wildlife

Good Morning Friends. As you all know I love wildlife and seeing God's creatures up close and personal with a few exceptions-Bears and Mountain Lions would fall into that category. I am usually awestruck at how majestic the animals in the Rockies can be and this trip was no exception. In the photo above, it is hard to see, but if you look at the left hand side mid way up, on the grassy slope, you can barely make out a momma mountain goat with her two kids.
I had never seen a Moose up close until Saturday and frankly I didn't quite understand all the excitement as well as home decor items that are themed around this animal. NOW I get it. I have loved Elk and their beauty but there is just something about a baby Moose and its momma that is so gentle~I understand they are very dangerous and can wreck havoc on trees but they are just so cute.

Momma keepin' her eye out on her little one.

Another one with two kids(don't know what the calves are called); this photo doesn't do her justice though-she was so beautiful.

I couldn't believe the size of these racks....they'll sure be ready for fall.

We aren't 100% sure what these are but think they might be mule deer. I meant to look up the horns to identify them but didn't have the opportunity yet.
Aren't we blessed to have such an abundance of life around us?! We also saw two Golden Eagle nests with babies in them and watched one momma with a fish in her mouth fly into the nest to feed her youngin'.
Today stop and look around your world, your neighborhood, your yard and see anew the blessings the Father has given you.


  1. Loved the pictures, Noreen. We don't get moose in our part of the state, but we can see elk. Do you and your husband hunt? David has hunted for years, and I decided, since we have a little boy, I would hunt too. I'm hoping I can actually get something this fall. I like to cook wild game. There were years when we lived on the farm that it was all we had. Now I appreciate it for its lean meat.
    Have a blessed day......Denise

  2. I have just got to get back up to Colorado!!!

  3. Beautiful! My husband, son, and I love nature too. Were always up to hiking trails and enjoying nature. Never seen so many deer before. We love finding waterfalls and nature trails. Thanks for posting on my blog.

  4. Hi! Noreen, these pics are really beautiful, more of God's handiwork! For a long time now there has been this rabbit that stays pretty much in my yard, One morning he was on my back poarch,got a closeup of him and he was so pretty, the longest legs, and almost looked like he was jumping like a kangaroo.Just this little thing was really neat to watch it scurry away! But he always comes back!and always everywhere is deer! here lately the tiny little babies, just so cute! Have a Blessed Day!:)

  5. Aaaahh! Such a peaceful set of pictures with the grandeur of God's creation! Thank you for sharing! I'm so glad you shared these with us who aren't able to travel this summer! :) Thanks!!

  6. WOW such wonderful photos, I loved seeing the wildlife in your area, nothing more wonderful than to see God's creation all over. Hugs and blessings, Barbara

  7. Lucky you with the Moose! I haven't seen ONE yet and many are transplanted over here.


  8. Thanks for your very kind comments, Noreen. I will post my pickle recipe. It's delicious and very easy.

  9. you did have great animal viewing times (o:
    Just wait till you see Papa moose. Oh my.
    Love all your pictures. Did you have any stories about camping with kids? (o:

  10. Thank you so very much for praying for "all of us" furry and human! It is very hard watching and waiting. Macy is still very unsteady and disoriented....but seems at peace most of the time. Your prayers mean so very much to me.

  11. Great pictures Noreen! How wonderful to enjoy all the beauty around you, as well as the treat to see the animals. Thank you for sharing your pictures! :)

  12. These are BEAUTIFUL photos! It's always amazing to see the beauty of GOD in every way including through the animals and land...

    Amazing GOD!!!

    I've never seen a mule close up. Great shot!

    Love and blessings to you and your family dear one!


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