Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Blessings to each and all! It's been a busy morning so far~hubby and I have thoroughly cleaned the house from top to bottom, well maybe not the basement but all of the rest. We've got some good friends who are having lots of family in for a reunion so they generously gave up their master bedroom and asked if they could sleep here for two nights, to which we said absolutely! Although they will be getting in after we are long asleep and leaving quite early, we still wanted everything in top notch condition.
I am so blessed by my hubby and I'm so thankful that the Lord united us together, this man and I after almost 32 years. I can still say he is the best thing that ever happened to me!
Tonight our area begins their annual Evening in the Park where different music groups come and people gather for dinner. It is quite fun and the first night of this summer season, the town always hosts a bbq; so Peanut and I will be eating slightly different food than is served and that is fine with me.
We are supposed to have temps in the 90's today with thunder showers tonight and then tomorrow the weather will cool off dramatically; but for now I am content to enjoy the warmth of the day.
I am more content to enjoy the warmth of His love spreading through my day, through my spirit and bringing me joy.
How about you? Are you resting in His love and grace this day?
Rejoicing in His abundant love, Noreen


  1. What a great post!!

    What a great help-mate you have. Seriously...that is truly a blessings.....I know...because I have one of those too!

    Have a my friend.

  2. What wonderful happenings in your life Noreen ~ I feel the same way about my DH :o)

  3. My husband and I have been married 31 years this summer !!! Ah...the feeling of contentment and the knowledge of knowing that we are together forever, through it all!
    Enjoy your guests!

  4. Noreen,

    I just noticed in our local paper they are doing music in the park concerts and think it may be just a fun, FREE thing to take advantage of this summer!

    Sounds like your home is ready to welcome your guests!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Ohhh I am sure your guests will feel so blessed by your hospitality. Ya know.. that's a 'gift' that not too many have today. That genuine giving of self and home and possessions to others. I have a feeling that you possess that gift.
    I know you'll enjoy the Evening in the Park even with your own food. I often take my own food to those kinds of events. I imagine the food is great there, but being on a different diet, I enjoy the fun and activities much more.
    I thank you Noreen for asking the question you asked at the end of this post. For YES! I am resting (almost basking) in God's Love and grace today. I feel blanketed by His peace. What a beautiful thing.
    Hugs and thanks!

  6. What a good way to get a good house cleaning (o:
    company always does it
    that picnic in the park sounds great
    My daughters stepdaughter had a blood test and they found out she has celiac disease is there a good book or cook book they should be using?
    Tracee is trying to eat that way to because she feels better when she does.

  7. Oh how I enjoyed your post. I am soo happy you have been blessed by your sweet hubby. Sounds like a wonderful evening coming up. Enjoy your guests.

    I soo appreciate your prayers. I am really just needing to get my strength back now. I am soo grateful it is behind me though. God is soo good!! HUGS, Debbie

  8. What a blessing you are to help your friends out Noreen, and I, like you am blessed beyond words to have my dear husband, I know that God chose him just for me. I think it is so cool that you all have things like this through out the summer, go and you and peanut enjoy yourself.
    It sounds like your spring-going into summer is going great.
    Blessings, and hugs,

  9. Sounds wonderful...enjoy your fun and fellowship!

  10. How sweet of your husband to pitch in there and be a special blessing! My husband worked so hard getting everything ready for our daughter's graduation party. I had the ministry of the interior, he took the ministry of the exterior!! (Although I did get to help lay 250 bales of pinestraw!). Working together as a couple is a blessing!! Enjoy your day! Also wanted to respond to your comment over at Life Lessons: Thanks for your words of encouragement! I share your desire to lead others to the One who deserves all of our praise, honor, and glory - the Lord Jesus Christ! Blessings to you!

  11. I AM resting in HIS love and grace today as well. It's a peaceful morning around here.


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