Tuesday, June 29, 2010

About two months ago, my nephew emailed me asking if I knew anyone who could make a baby quilt for him to give as a baby present to some close friends expecting their first. I volunteered, hesitantly, for two reasons~one is that I have a very important quilt project for a family member that needs to be done by September and the second reason is that I wasn't sure about the fabric or how quickly I would get it from California. It took several weeks to get and then I had to put my thinking cap on. You see, I am a traditional quilter in my choices of fabric and patterns but with this project the fabric was "Alien" themed(yes for a baby quilt) and I needed to find some fabrics to go with it. I chose a very simple pattern, due to lack of time and loved the fabric I choose to go with it. Let me also say, this quilt as all my quilts are, was prayed over throughout the making. Actually, the baby was prayed over. My nephew chose this fabric in case they have a boy but in the end I think it could work as a play quilt for either boy or girl.
I love the back fabric and although you can't really see them, there are gold stars throughout the
blue swirls. The binding had blue polka-dots on it which matched the back perfectly.
My hand quilting was minimal and the entire project was done very quickly due to time constraints but yesterday I got it shipped off and can now concentrate on my next quilt-actually it will be a wall hanging.
On a side note, I have shared how I react badly to mosquito bites and my struggle to find something natural that works; well yesterday at WalMart I was checking out the Cutter sprays and found a wonderful new product: Bite MD-an External Analgesic and First Aid Antiseptic.
This is the first product, other than some creams that don't work for me, that gives insect bite relief. I am allergic to mosquitoes and the bites swell up and itch non-stop but this actually works, which means no more waking up in the middle of the night scratching my arms and legs.
If you have someone in your family who has a bad reaction to bites, please try to locate this-it will make life much more bearable. It can also be used for chigger, wasps and tick bites.
Have a wonderful Tuesday.


  1. Beautiful~
    Thank you for your comment this morning.
    I was named after Carry Nation~the temperance leader. My MOM seen a magazine article with a picture that read " All Nations but Carrie Welcome" ~it was a bar.LOL She thought it was spelled "Carrie" ~but the real Carry was spelled with a "Y". Like you ~ I like the "Carrie" spelling better. I hated my name when I was young but now I like it~kind of vintage!
    You have a blessed day.
    Carrie ~

  2. PS~
    My maiden name was Nation.
    I was named Carrie Nation

  3. I needed that stuff last month when I was on a trip! Have to remember it in the future.

    Love the quilt!

  4. WOW...Gorgeous!!
    Blessings and prayers,

  5. What a beautiful quilt. You are very talented. What a very nice gift to make for someone with all the love you poured into it.

    My daughter has the same problem with the mosquitos so I am passing your tip along to her. Thank you so much.


  6. Noreen,

    I love the quilt. It is adorable. Great job!!! I love how your prayed over the baby while making this quilt. I do that as well. How special!!!

    Like you I react BADLY to mosquito bites! Thanks for letting us know about the new product. Now, maybe I will find some relief.

    Have a great day!


  7. Very cute quilt! I love quilting and only wish I had more time to devote to it. My last two quilts were my son's and daughter's quilts that were finished just in time. I have great memories of my mom helping me finish Leif's quilt during the week I was overdue with him.

  8. Love the creative quilt, Noreen! Also so glad to hear that you found something to help those irratating mosquito bites!

    I wanted to respond to your comment @ Life Lessons: Happy 2 year blogoversary!! I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you - you're so sweet and genuine. Thanks for the encouragement you are in my life as well. Blog buddies are the best! God bless! :)

  9. The quilt is truly amazing-you are so talented!
    I am enjoying following on your blog. Have a great day!

  10. I am so glad you found something that works! When I was a child at my grandmother's house, she would have us put pine oil on our bites, and it was awesome!! I don't know where they got it and I don't know if anyone still makes it!!

    The quilt is sooo cute! I know they will be thrilled with it...and how precious that you prayed for that new little life, too!!! They are getting far more than a cute quilt that's for sure!

    Love you and hope your day is wonderful!!

  11. I wrote that down...I will definatly buy that bite stuff
    Is it by Cutter?
    Loved the quilt
    you did a great job ( :
    have you seen the girls swim suits in my last post?

  12. Noreen, your quilt is beautiful! You did a great job. Lucky baby! Thanks for the info on the mosquito repellant. Love & blessings from NC!

  13. beautiful quilt. I love the colours. Yay on finding mozzie bite relief :)

  14. I love the quilt and the colours are just beautiful. Blessings!

  15. Wow....I love this quilt! You are so talented!! Also, I read your last post about the crock.....well, I found one (also a slightly cracked crock...hmmm, try saying that ten times, lol) with no. 3 and I grabbed it up for only $10!!! I filled it with sun flowers and have it on my hearth....luv it and luv yours too!

    Enjoyed reading your blog and following you now!

    Blessings to you!

  16. What beautiful fabric! Have you seen it anywhere in CO? I'm glad you found something that works for the bites.

  17. Hi there Gram, Wanted to let you know the "alien" fabric came from Ca. but the sashing and back fabric came from Joann's here in Loveland.

  18. You did a great job on this quilt! Beautiful! I'm sure that they'll be pleased to receive this "Out of This World" gift! Without insect repellent, my 9 yr. old son is the "main course" on the mosquitoes' menu. Thanks for the info re: the bite relief product!!

  19. I love this! The colors are so happy! You and I both were working on simple quilts and letting the fabric "do the talking". Great job!

  20. Nice quilt---pretty colors! I'm glad you got it shipped off in time! Now on the the next project! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating our freedom as a nation, AND our spiritual freedom in Christ! HUGS@


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