Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good day dear friends, You all know how I desire to cultivate an attitude of gratitude but today I'm struggling a bit~you see I went downstairs today to check our "carpenter ant" problem and found, much to my dismay, that we had more outside and inside this morning. We've dealt with this problem, on a smaller scale, since last spring and I thought I had eradicated them until a few weeks ago. Now, almost daily, I'm spraying pest spray everywhere I've seen them and into one wall as well. If they were just living in the grass, I wouldn't worry but because they can infest the walls of your home I get very concerned, especially when I see the females with wings around too.
On pondering this ongoing problem and not being able to totally get rid of them(without bringing in an expensive pest control company)it made me think of a parallel in the spiritual realm. While we read so much in the Word about how hard working ants are, my thoughts went a total different direction. Sin has a way of creeping into our lives, our hearts, our minds and our spirits often times unnoticed, just like the original carpenter ant problem began. It is easy for us to become aware of large sins but often we just cover up the small ones or use a temporary fix without really getting rid of the root cause. If we are truly honest with our Lord on a daily basis He should be pulling those pests out of us, sometimes daily or minute by minute. I have found that with our ant problem I now need to bring in the "heavy duty pesticide" to rid the area, sometimes on a daily basis and sometimes that just doesn't work either. In today's world, in today's church and christian community, there are easy fixes out there for us to use-self help books, tapes, support groups etc. when what we really need to do is to go to our Maker and ask Him to rid us of anything not pleasing in His sight. This morning I had to go before the Throne and admit my own frustrations over getting rid of these pests and ask my Jesus to cleanse me of any chronic issues in my life that He determines are pests, before they multiply.
Won't you join me in forsaking all that grieves His heart?

Humbly yours, Noreen


  1. Noreen,

    What a great analogy to this mornings ant problem. Steve cured ours when we couldn't afford those expensive pest control companies. He buys this stuff at Lowes that controls them for a year and sprays inside and outside the perimeters of our home.

    It doesn't smell and is safe for our indoor kitties.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Hi Noreen,
    good analogy there!! and So true.
    My dad used to use cinamon to get rid of ants, they don't like it for some reason, and they want cross it.
    Maybe the smell I don't know,
    don't know if there is anyway you can try it or not, but for whatever it is worth.
    I know the cabinet man put Borax powder under our cabinets before they put them in because it would kill any roaches. These are old fashioned ways that work I guess.
    Hope you can get to the bottom of things, we had an ant problem once, turned out that we had a juicer someone had given us, and something sweet must have gotten on the box, and the ants were eating the box. so once I found that and sprayed that was the end of it.
    Gotta run, which saves you from a novel!! lol
    blessings girlie,

  3. Thank you so much for your encouragement, prayers, and support.

  4. Great post, Noreen! Sorry to hear that your pest problem is still 'bugging' you (no pun intended!) Glad to see that you turned it into a convicting post that speaks volumes! I'll join you in "forsaking all that grieves His heart." Blessings to you!

  5. My heart joins yours in this Nor! I don't want ANY sin left unconfessed!!
    It keeps us from experiencing God's best, and I want nothing but His BEST!!

    Wonderful lesson here Nor!!
    Love you gal!! Love your heart for our Lord!!
    Hope your week is going well except for those ants! I will pray for a solution to your problem!! We had sugar ants at the other house and they sure were pesky!!

    Big HUGS,

  6. Noreen,
    We're also dealing with an ant problem - we've tried everything we know and sprayed all around the perimeter of our house over & over and bought those ant 'traps' for indoors and outdoors but we still find them getting in (argh).
    So being able to relate, I really enjoyed the way you turned this around into a great devotional about how sin gets into our lives and how we need to allow the Lord to deal with the 'root cause'.
    LOVE IT!

  7. I love this! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog:) The journey God has had me on is incredible and I know it's only just begun:)

    I look forward to reading more on your blog...thank you for blessing my day with your comment:)


  8. Hi! Noreen, just found your blog. Really enjoyed it! I love how the Holy Spirit spoke to you in regards to the "Sin" we can accumulate in our lives.and yes, I have just expierenced this in my own Heart, of how quickly it(sin) can happen and get embedded before we know what happened.But Praise God! for that spirit of conviction! How awesome is that power, of forgivness just for asking! This is what I needed to hear today. Thanks for sharing:). *Blessings.

  9. Great way you made the connection between the two! My sister is dealing with ants also this year and it's really driving her crazy!

    I love what you found at the garage sale and Craig's list! Beautiful!

  10. Hi! again, Noreen, glad to meet you! I was thrilled to have you become a follower of my blog! I will add yours just as soon as I learn a little more about this blog thing! I am so addicted to it! But I will read yours daily, the Lord has Blessed me today with 2 more Friends! Just love how He works!!:).

  11. Ants are such a pain
    and so are those pesky sins we let get hold in our life
    I like the way you brought that together

  12. Amen...kneeling before the throne....

  13. I probably will never get to have Terry clean the house with me, but he does lots of other things for me.

    Have a fun time!



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