Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One of my most favorite things to see when we are on Kauai are the chickens that roam free over the whole island. I'm sure the locals get really tired of them but there is just something so cool about seeing them everywhere.
The beauty of the sea and the coastline always calms my soul. I respect the ocean but find it so peaceful to just sit and watch. Today we actually saw a huge turtle playing in the waves but by the time we got the camera on, he had disappeared.

The water is very choppy due to such high winds but it is a reminder of how powerful nature can be and of how powerful my Creator is.
Have a joyous day!


  1. Noreen, those chickens are so pretty. We saw chickens roaming free in Key West and I thought they were so interesting. Oh my gosh, the water on the rocks is stunning. Thank you for sharing these glimpses of your trip!

  2. Great pics! Enjoy your time.....

  3. A neighbor of ours, up the road thankfully, has tons of chickens and they let them roam all over. I often have to stop in the road to honk for them to move! Cute pictures!

  4. Beautiful
    I want to see a turtle playing in the waves (o:
    Hope the wind dies down...have fun.

  5. Hi Noreen,
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos! Kauai is such a beautiful place....enjoy your time there.

  6. Beautiful photos...

    Love and blessings to you and your family.

  7. Hi, Noreen,

    Beautiful pictures!

    By the way, the Civil War pictures are from New Market, VA. Here is the website:

    Have a wonderful time away!!!

  8. Hi Nor!
    Love the chickens, but oh the shore!! Love it!! How beautiful! We are hitting the beach first thing in the morning! YAY!!!

    You are in my thoughts and prayers, treasured friend!
    Love you,

  9. Hi Noreen,
    So you did get to Kauai!! That is where we went 25 yrs. ago, I understand our resort was taken out by a hurricane. We loved Kauai, it was gorgeous and plush greenery.
    The thing that fascinated me so much was the huge waves, I was just mesmerized by them, and the power of them, and shocked that people go out in them. Looks like you are having a delightful time,
    bet that was neat watching the turtle, know you love that too!!
    It is neat how the chickens just roam around. For us Kauai was like a cross between KeyWest, the smokey mountains and Germany.
    Glad you are having a good time,
    Have you seen any hump back whales, watch for them, you are there about the same time of the year we were so you might see some.
    Have a lovely and Blessed Easter
    Sweet friend,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie


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