Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Noreen!!!

To all of Noreen's readers ---- please, let me introduce myself -- My name is John, also known as "Hubby" on this blog!! I thought I would steal Nor's blog and wish my beautiful wife "Happy Birthday"!!! I also thought it would be fun to let you gals know a few things about her and let you see why I fell in love with her. :o) I don't think any of this has hit the blog, so sit back and I will fill you in on some of the highlight's with this wonderful gal.

First things first ---- Happy Birthday Babe!!!

So, let me back up a few years ----- Nor and I met when we were teenagers (we were both thirteen years old) and we had a mutual friend that lived right done the street from her. Nor and I lived about six blocks from each other but we went to different high schools and ran in different crowds so we lost contact in our high school years and for a few after that. Here is the best part --- Nor called my parents and got my phone number ---- one evening the phone rang and yes, there was Nor on the other end asking, "what is going on in your life?" With life being build around timing, we had both just gotten out of relationships and yes we set that first date up ----- now Nor being good with dates, times and places can tell you the exact time and place for that first date ( it was the beach --- I do remember that, but the date ??? --- I'm a guy --- sorry ). What I do remember about that first date was how beautiful Noreen looked and her long blond hair. :o) That is still in my mind to this day.

The smile on my face said it all!!

I also, remember thinking, "boy, I'm glad she called me". :o) We dated for five plus years and we had so many things in common --- we loved to water-ski, work on my sports cars (yes, Nor got her hands dirty) and when the Lotus or Corvette was running we would go for long drives in the hills. As I'm writing this so many good memories come to mind. :o) OK, here is one funny story about the Lotus -- Nor took the Lotus downtown to pick me up one day ---- she had a cute pair of shorts on and a bathing suit top, I come out of a store and there was three guys around the car ---- these guys were asking all kinds of questions and yes, checking Nor out ----- I'm thinking, "Wait a minute. She is mine and you three can get away from her!!!!" Well, I think it was not too long after that ---- I did finely propose to this beautiful woman and we got married.

All of you know we have two wonderful daughters, two great son-in-laws and yes, our ninth grandchild just arrived. Noreen is the best Wife / Mother / Nana that this growing family could have dreamed of---- her love for our daughters and their families is way above the norm. ---- I think her heart is double the size of the rest of ours; there is nothing she wouldn't do for those kids!!! Noreen has been the best Wife, Friend, Lover that this one man could have asked for. I have to give all the credit to her on how our daughter's live their life ---- Nor was a stay at home Mom and was always there for them and me. Nor did homeschool our girls through their Junior High and High School years and again, all the credit goes to her for how our daughters have turned out. Nor and I have entered a new phase of our life --- retirement -- and I would not want to spent it with anyone else!!! She is the love of my life!!!

I hope you gals will join me in wishing Nor "Happy Birthday" today!!

Happy Birthday Babe!!! I Love You!!!


  1. What a sweetie to write all that! You are indeed blessed Noreen. Happy birthday and many more to come. Blessings!

  2. Awwww. That was Beautiful !!!!!
    Happy Birthday very special sister;-) Wishing you all of God's wonderful blessings and promises.
    Hugs, Ella


    I think John is a keeper after reading this!


  4. Yay Dad!!!

    Happy Birthday Mom! We love you so much!!

  5. This was one of the best posts I have read in quite a while!! What a wonderful hubby you have got yourself Noreen. I LOVE it...I enjoyed hearing some about your past, and that hair, how gorgeous was that?!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Enjoy your day with that sweet hubby and your beautiful family. You have been truly blessed. Hugs, Debbie

  6. Hi John and Noreen,
    what a lovely lovely post, and what cute remembrances. Love that long blonde hair and short dress!! who hoo!
    Bet you were a bit surprised today Noreen. What a great surprise!
    Hope you both have a super great time on your tropical vacation
    and Again
    Happy Happy birthday!
    What a blessing that was to read
    John, especially in this day and age of husbands with midlife crisis. Good Man and Good Job!!
    blessings, Nellie

  7. OH MY!!!
    John, what an absolutely wonderful tribute-post for your precious wife's birthday. (SOBBING HERE!!!)
    My dear online friend - may God truly bless your birthday with the absolute most joy that you can handle. Enjoy your birthday celebration and your time away.
    And may God grant you and your hubby many, many, happy, healthy, active, fun, and FANTASTIC years together.

  8. Happy Birthday, Noreen!
    John, it is so nice to meet you! I agree with you, Noreen is wonderful and has a beautiful heart.
    Thank you, John, for sharing your stories with us, but most of all for sharing her with us. I know my life has been blessed by knowing her. You have a sweetheart of a wife :)
    p.s.--Congratulations on your newest grandbaby!

  9. What a wonderful post!!! Happy Birthday dear friend. Hope it's as great as this post. Hugs

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday Noreen!!
    Your husband wrote a fabulous post to you. I hope your birthday is filled with many lovely, beautiful memories! You deserve it...have a wonderful day. :) (I loved the photo of the both of you with your long hair...)

  11. Dick and Rita JohnsonMarch 29, 2010 at 3:59 PM

    Thank you for sharing all all the special memories you have of Noreen, John!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Noreen! What a wonderful way to celebrate with a trip to Hawaii AND a new Grand-Daughter. Enjoy your trip.

  12. Hi John,

    Thank you for sharing your love for Noreen with us today on her special day. I pray a Happy and Blessed Birthday to Noreen who is very precious to me.

    May the blessings of the LORD rest on your entire family.

    Lovingly in Christ,

  13. Happy Birthday Noreen!! What a sweet hubby you have!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Lady!
    What wonderful memories, John.
    May our Gracious GOD continue to bless your marriage and family.

  15. That was so cool
    would you please tell your hubby he has set the bar pretty high for the rest of the guys out there (o:
    So cool...and you are such a beautiful young thing...
    well back then too (o: You are both such California dudes. Blond, tan and beautiful.

    Happy Birthday Friend!!!

  16. Happy Birthday, Noreen! are one special husband...

  17. aww, what a beautiful post from a loving husband to a loving wife. Happy birthday Noreen! you sure have yourself a great guy too!

  18. What a sweet post from your dear husband Noreen ~ Happy Birthday to you and may the Lord grant you many more years together!!

  19. What a sweet post by a definitely sweet hubby! Happy Birthday, Noreen!!

  20. Happy birthday Noreen! And I love your long blonde hair. John did a great job on this post!


  21. Oh My gosh. I am teary eyes sitting here at the computer. I want to hug that man...

    Noreen, Your husband is a good man and he picked one of the best of the best. Your life is a shining example to me of what honoring Christ in marriage is all about. So glad to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday my friend, Love you much. Lynn

  22. PS. I love, love your photo. John, thank you for sharing your wonderful wife with us. She is precious to me.

  23. Nor! This is so precious! Wow, happy birthday, girl! You two are so blessed to have each other. John, big kudos to you for sharing your heart. That is so cool. :-)

  24. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your vacation!


  25. Happy belated birthday Noreen! What sweet hubby!

  26. What a wonderful gift you have given Noreen, John! I don't think there is a woman who wouldn't be thrilled with loving words of praise from their husbands like you have blessed her with. What great memories. Don't know if Nor told you, but our love stories are quite similar!

    And Nor, my dear friend,very Happy Birthday wishes!!

    I am praying for your sciatica. I have had to deal with that as well, and know it is not fun.

    You are a very special lady, and I hope this vacation is a real blessing for you!! You give so much, and I just love you to pieces!! Have a blast!!

    Big Hugs,


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