Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Madness

I usually think of March Madness in reference to basketball but this morning we awoke to approximately 8-9" of beautiful white fluff. I think it is a study in white because everywhere you look, white is what you see. Reminds me of being cleansed by the blood of the Lamb; all that is left is clean and pure. I love the way trees look when they are covered, it is just so peaceful and serene. I do hope some of my blogging buddies are experiencing the warmth of spring.
Glad I don't plan on planting anything until May!

Guess it will be a great day to stay inside and work on our puzzle or just spend time in bloggyland.
Hugs to you today.


  1. It is beautiful. I know you are probably tired of it, but Sitka and I "love" snow.
    I, too love spring and today it is suppose to be about 70 degrees here in Virginia. Hope you are able to enjoy some wonderful inside activities, today.
    Woofs and wags,

  2. I am so sick of this very LONG winter. When spring gets here I'm going to dance every day.


  3. It does remind me of how pure the spotless Lamb was. The photo is beautiful and so peaceful looking.

  4. we were hit by the cement snow too
    it was so wet and heavy the branches were sagging down to the ground this morning. School was canceled but it is melting fast.
    I don't think I answered your email...but as far as I know either one of those dates should work. Hope the baby comes soon.
    the island sounds wonderful right about now (o:

  5. Hi Noreen,
    The pictures are beautiful! I hope you have a lovely day inside, staying cozy and warm. Have a blessed day today. :o)

  6. Oh how beautiful...YET...yikes! :-)

    We've had a nice spring so far here in MN. In fact, all of our (over 13 inches) snow melted within 4 days....and spring seems to be in the air.

    But wait....we could still get a foot of the beautiful white stuff!

    Blessings to you friend.

  7. When I lived up north, I always loved the first fresh falling of snow. Then after a few days, when white turned to black, because the cars would drive through it and people would track through it as well, it is not as nice. Your pictures are lovely still. Thanks

  8. What incredibly beautiful pictures. It's cold here. Hugs

  9. The snow looks beautiful, but I'm sure y'all are tired of it by now!

  10. Your snow is certainly lovely...but I am thrilled with our weather! It's suppose to hit 80 tomorrow!! We are going hiking with our Keeper's Club, and I am teaching them about orienteering while were out there! How fun!

    Such a busy week! Went on the airboat ride, watched skydivers, and had dinner with with Claudie, Julie, and Shelley...that blogger who moved here last year! We had fun, but I've got so much to get done!! Feeling behind again...pray for me!

    Sure missin' ya!
    Love you bunches!

  11. wow, that's a lot of snow! definitely some March madness going on!

  12. Hey there...great seeing you again. According to Becky, I'm "that blogger" hee hee. The Airboat ride was a blast and I'll post about it later!

    I love your header verse...know it well, but spoke to me today for sure. Thanks.

    I lived in CO for many yrs and remember those March snows! However, I love snow and the mtns, even more than the beach. (shhh, don't tell Becky, she loves it down here.) I really am more of a mtn girl, but do enjoy the beach.
    God has us here for reason...still waiting.

    It's warm here today, but very overcast and I doubt we reach 80...looks like rain for tomorrow.
    I do enjoy sitting on my porch with a cuppa tea during the rain.

    Talk about a long winter...last yr it went on forever up in Michigan where I lived before! It was awful; CO winters are MUCH nicer.

  13. goodness, so much snow still!

    i love your funny bunny photo!


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