Saturday, February 28, 2009

A New Game

Firstly, to all those dear friends who stopped by SUM yesterday and left me nice comments about my post, please know how much you touched my heart and how much I appreciate you. A big hug from me to you.

Last night hubby and I went over to our youngest daughter's house to play a new board game, The Settlers of Catan, that all their friends are hooked on. Generally we play cards and love the time together; it helps daughter and s-i-l to unwind after living a full busy life with 3. Over the holidays they were invited to our pastor's house to play this new game, which we had never heard of before. In fact both our daughters have played it and it sounded so intimidating to me as well as them that I was surprised yesterday when we received the invite to come over and play. As son-in-law explained the strategy and objectives of the game I sat there feeling like I was never going to get the hang of it. For those who haven't heard of it, a person is accumulating goods-such as rock, brick, wood, sheep and wheat in an effort to win the game. Once we started playing though it was very easy to catch on to and although I'm sure I missed much of the strategy, it was a lot of fun. It only took a bit over an hour to play with just 4 of us so it makes a quick evening. I was a tad concerned because it really seemed like a "guy" game but it isn't and I just want to encourage you that if you get the chance to play this, try it you'll probably really enjoy it. I'm looking forward to our next game night.

Blessings to you this weekend.


  1. We have played that with friends. They also have a train game made by the same company. Just when I think I have the knack of either one they switch or we go many months without playing it than I forget and have to learn all over. Lately we have been playing dominos and that is not my favorite either. Last night when we got together, the guys played pool downstairs and we talked and laughed...that was more fun than dominos (o:

  2. By the way I voted for your shower story over at prairie chick. I thought mine was funny too, but it didn't even make it into the vote. lol

  3. I've never heard of that game. We love games here though and try at least once a week to play them. Our favorite right now is Chicken Feet played with dominoes. It's a riot.


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