Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fresh From The Garden

I am blessed to have a dear friend and prayer partner in California who loves giving to others from her garden. When we lived in the same town, Cyndi would bless our family with fresh pears, cherries, apples and lemons every season. Produce was one of the things I missed most when we moved and this year my friend sent out a box of Meyer lemons from her yard. I have been enjoying having lemon for my water, fish and anything else I can think of; I've resisted the urge to bake because I'm trying to cut back on sweets.
I am also adjusting to a shorter season for flowers and never realized how spoiled we were by being able to plant year round. I now appreciate gardening so much more than I ever have before. Cyndi would ask me if that means I'm thinking of "coming home" as she calls it and my answer is no, I love Colorado~where else can you see 3 bald Eagles in one day? I love winter and snow and this makes me appreciate springtime so much more.
Have a rich day enjoying your home and area.


  1. Noreen,
    What wonderful looking lemons! I love fresh fruit. Enjoy them.

  2. Beware. Our springs are so unpredictable. Big snowstorms that break off branches that have started to bloom, etc. They seem to be shorter than ever. You go from cold to hot. If you own an outdoor pool (my sister does) you can never count on swimming till the middle of I have a real word below for word verification. How often does that happen?

  3. What a lovely gift from your friend. Beautiful lemons!

  4. Noreen,

    I love lemons and what a wonderful gesture on the part of your dear friend :o)


  5. Those lemons look wonderful.

    I sent you a e-mail in regards to the quilts.

  6. Oh....I love lemons! I am happy for you!



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