Thursday, February 5, 2009

Filling Up

Yesterday as I sat in the dentist's office waiting to get my old silver filling replaced my dentist took a picture of my old filling to show me. I am always amazed at how far technology has come.
The tooth next to the one he was going to work on had a much older filling and that showed on the picture as well. He was more concerned by the second tooth because the edges of the filling were lifting and there was a small crack on the side of the tooth. So instead of replacing just one filling he ended up taking both fillings out, cleaning the surface of the teeth and putting tooth colored fillings in. Again, technology is wonderful~you can't even tell I have fillings in these teeth; having said that though there are still more fillings that are 30 years old that eventually will need to be replaced.
As I said yesterday I often think in terms of how our natural events relate to spiritual events and this was no different. Often in my life when the Lord has graciously showed me specific areas of sin that I needed to repent of I am quick to seek His forgiveness. Just about the time I feel satisfied that things are good then another area pops up that I need to bring to the cross and seek forgiveness for, or as Chuck Swindoll once said "two steps forward, three steps back". All we can do is keep on looking to the cross and seeking His purification in us.

Have a joy filled day!

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  1. Fun at the dentist. Soooo, do those white fillings cost more? I suppose they do, but since I am going next week to have a few replaced, I wondered about it.


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