Monday, June 20, 2016

Family Treasures

Happy Monday Friends, This past weekend hubby's sister and her companion came for their first visit to us; it was a great time of catching up and showing them our town. Hubby's sister Gay was here to do research on family geneology; she's written so many books(yes I mean books)on the family tree. Years ago, she discovered that hubby's great grandmother was best friends with Margaret Tobin Brown-wife of J.J. Brown. in fact, hubby's great grandmother was matron of honor at the wedding of Margaret Tobin and J.J.Brown. If you don't recognize Margaret's name, she was better known as the Unsinkable Molly Brown. Hubby's sister was given a tin-type photo of Margaret Brown and Margaret Boylan. Over the years, in her extensive research, Gay contacted the Molly Brown Museum in Denver and sent them quite a bit of information that they didn't have. Her trip here was planned around seeing family homesites and also going to the Museum to donate the tin-type. We drove down this morning and were given a private tour prior to donating the tin-type. Here is the photo hubby took of it. Unfortunately it had not been stored properly and had been folded in half-so you can see some deterioration. The museum staff said they would talk to their experts and see if any of the damage could be restored.

The other item that they brought out from Ca. was an oil painting  by hubby's dad.  He was such an incredible artist and most of his work were seascapes, so we are happy to have this landscape.  We are not sure where it will be hung, but we will enjoy it.
With having guests all weekend, I didn't get much time to visit with my girls, so I'm off to see them now.  Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. That is so awesome about the Unsinkable Molly Brown! Love the painting. Our son is just starting to work on some family history. Have a great day!

  2. Fascinating. I'm certain you can find a good person to restore the tin type. We have one of my husband's grandfather. We had it restored and framed it along with a photograph the restorer made from the original tin type. Love the Molly Brown connection.

  3. Isn't that something! Such family news you received over the weekend, to think, the unsinkable Molly Brown, wow!
    Love the tin photo and I'm sure it can be restored.
    My sister has been doing some family genealogy work, and work it is. Your sister in law sounds like quite an interesting lady and knowledgeable.

    It was so nice coming by for a visit here with you.


  4. Its so fun to have guests!


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