Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Piano Recital

Happy Tuesday friends! Last Saturday afternoon, two of our granddaughters had their very first piano recital. What are proud grandparents to do but go watch them and take photos. They did an excellent job and we are so very proud of their diligence and effort. Here they are before their recital. In true Colorado fashion, the weather was raining and snowy which precipitated a change of clothing-no sandals.

Miss F looks so much like her mom, Carrie, here. 
Both girls were very pleased with how well they played.
Two other granddaughters will begin taking lessons too, Miss O above and Miss M will take Violen lessons. Two different family's and two cousins as close as can be. 
Music has always played an important part in our family~ I played guitar, our girls played piano and their girls play piano until now. 
I hope your week has started out well!  Today a friend came over to walk; after that we sat outside in the warm sunshine and visited and then went to lunch.  We have Carrie's crew coming over any minute and then have a dinner to go to later.  My days seem filled.  All of it is good though.


  1. Piano lessons are so wonderful for kids (adults too), and even if they don't stick with it for a lifetime, it is a nice talent to have. I'm sure you are so very proud of all of those dear grands. Blessings to you, Cindy xo

  2. So cute! Our little neighbor plays to and I stand and listen. Mom laughs cause I like it
    Love & Peas,
    Lily & Edward

  3. So glad they were happy with their performances. I didn't have much music in my life growing up but wish I had!

  4. I love that your grands are taking piano. My Emma took it a few years and now is not..it broke my heart. She is into cheering now and sports. But oh how I wish her parents had kept her taking lessons. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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