Monday, May 2, 2016

Miscellaneous Monday

Happy May to all of you! It certainly is hard to believe that May is upon us, especially with the weather we've been having. However, the forecast looks good for this week and I'll take it! This weekend was fun; firstly our youngest and her family went to S. Dakota and we dog sat for them. Doesn't Petrol look so cute! She and Hunter have a ball together; this time I could tell she was missing her family though-she kept wandering around looking for them.

This is Hunter's favorite spot to sit; he loves watching out the window. Petrol pretty much stayed with me or hubby during her vacation with us.

This is the house where I was born; we moved when I was about six months old(I think). After we were married and lived near Palo Alto, we'd drive by~however it never looked this cute or charming then.  For those who aren't familiar with Palo Alto, it is the home of Stanford University and a very expensive place to live.  Hubby and I both grew up there, when it wasn't expensive and have fond memories of it.  Both of our families homes are gone; many people come in and tear them down and rebuild estates in their places.
This is a 2 bedroom, one bath and if you are interested the price is $1,595,000.  Yes, I did type that correctly. I'd have loved to see how they fixed up the inside; the value is the land and a high percentage of buyers are from Asia.  They buy the homes for cash and then have a residence for their young children for when they get ready to go to Stanford.  Crazy I tell you; I can't imagine buying a home for 1.5-2 million and then tearing it down. 
Well, my to-do list is calling so I'd better get going.
Joy to you!


  1. Hunter and Petrol are such cuties! Wow, the price of real estate in Palo Alto is unbelievable. I gues location is the key word! Happy Monday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  2. Happy May to you! The dogs are darling and the house is precious!!!! My step daughter lives in a home here in Michigan that looks so much like that! It also has 2 bedrms and one bath, the difference? Hers was about $79,000 lol!!! DakotasDen

  3. It is such a sweet little home. California is just crazy and that is why we plan on leaving when Mark retires. Glad you had fun babysitting Petrol. Have a nice week....

  4. Look at those darling dogs sitting by the window! That would be right where I would want to sit too. :)
    Yikes!! That is quite the price on that very small home, cute though.

    I trust your week is off to a beautiful start with all the goodness of God falling upon you~~
    Be blessed, Debbie

  5. Good grief, wish my old house was in that location and then maybe we wouldn't have to give it away. Insane! Happy new week!

  6. Hi Noreen! How nice of you to dog-sit for your daughter, and to be so extra kind to Petrol. It must be hard on the pets when their family is suddenly gone! I know your little pet helped out with being a good companion and sharing the window seat!

    Housing prices are crazy in California, I know that. My sister lives in Long Beach, and small houses are also very expensive. Your house does look cute though!
    Hope you'll have a wonderful Tuesday :)


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