Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Blessing of Best Friends

Don't know if any of you remember the TV show Laverne and Shirley; if you do, you may remember the song "Best Friends".  This song floated through my head during the night while sleep evaded me.
The photo is of my best friend and neighbor Kam and her hubby; I've written about her before, but wanted to share what a blessing to me she is.  When we first moved to Colorado, I so missed all my California friends and didn't think I'd ever have a close friend again; it is hard to move when you are retired-many gals already have deep friendships established over the years.  I did make lots of casual friends but only two filled my need; one was Kam and the other was Avril.  What makes these two ladies so special to me is that we share the same faith. 
I wasn't sure I'd ever have a friend as close as those I left behind.  Through a sad situation, the death of another gal, Kam and I connected.  At the time, she was busy with her two daughters in high school and a very full life.  We began to walk our dogs and slowly started doing things together.  Kam introduced me to garage sales and the art of negotiation.  I began to attend her church; it was much closer to home.  That was four years ago.  The picture above was taken last summer in Southern California.  Now we not only walk, we ride bikes together, call, text and go shopping. 
Yesterday Kam took me out for lunch for my birthday; it was such fun.  After eating, we ran to a store where I had two gift certificates.  I will say that after finding incredible deals at  garage sales, it was hard to look at the retail prices.  A year and a half ago, Kam thought they would be moving; I reassured her that since it was still in town here, we would work out the details of walking and biking.  They didn't move and now we are moving.  I have again said that we will continue on with our walks and rides; she is a treasure I am not letting go of.  I am hoping that although we won't me a minute apart anymore, we will spend more time together.
I have been so blessed by Kam and our friendship; she is truly like a sister to me.  In a world where casual friendships are the norm, it is incredible to have a friendship and fellowship as deep as we have.
I hope you have someone you are as close to, someone who understands your quirkiness and loves you still. Someone who stands by you no matter what and will always be there.
Thank you Kam, for the gift of you!



  1. I hope you share this post with your friend because it will be a gift for her!!
    stella rose

  2. Mom says she needs to do a better job of not letting go when she thinks of all the people important to her that have drifted away. We are just now getting out to Blogville after our vacation.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. That is just the nicest tribute to your friend. We have ours and it came through dog walking too. Ours is the nicest, kindest, self sacrificing person ever. So we salute yours and ours and smile that we are both so lucky.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Happy April Fools Day.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. How blessed you are to have such a dear friend. I had a friend who I was very, very close to ... she ubruptly withdrew from our friendship (why? I'll never know ... I never got an answer). I admit that it's made me a lot more cautious about making other friends or growing closer to other more casual friends ... I admit that I'm fearful of being hurt again. Add in my natural shyness and it's made for a lonelier retirement that I'd hoped for. While I have friends, I just don't have the kind of very close friend like you do in Kam ... and I miss that kind of friendship. ??

  5. It's good to have a close friend who is physically close as well. My best friend lives in TX and I'm in AZ. We talk now and then but seldom see each other anymore. I miss her more than words can express. I pray that you are able to stay close even though you will live further apart! Blessings, Cindy

  6. A true friend is a real blessing, Noreen!

  7. Noreen, that was beautiful!! I am so glad you have one another!
    Happy Birthday. We are near one another with that!
    In answer to your question regarding the earth quake. Yes we sure did feel it!!! Yikes!!!
    XO Kris

  8. What a sweet post and tribute to our friend. You are so blessed indeed! I am sure she treasures you just as much!

  9. Beautiful story of friendship s woven together in faith.

  10. Its a real treasure to find a true friend that you connect with!
    I am so happy for you!
    Happy Birthday!

  11. True friends are treasures, you are blessed to have one of those gems. (you're right too many casual friendships these days) Hope you had a wonderful birthday

  12. What a blessing you have. I don't have any friends like that anymore but I'm hopeful that someday I will click with someone. I moved away from my friends 25 years ago and made a few here in California but my favorites moved away :(

  13. I am fortunate enough to have two such friends. They are indeed a blessing.


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