Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Friday

Yesterday afternoon hubby and I took a walk down the beach and this is what we saw. He is V18, 9 yrs old; apparently he used to have a critter cam on his back but it has come off. I was pleased to see him since I hadn't seen any seals previously.
The view from the place we are staying...incredible.

I never tire of the ocean views! 
Today was my dad's birthday and I know he is celebrating in style!  He's been gone now for 24 yrs.-in some ways it seems so much longer. Happy Birthday Dad.
Hope you are having a glorious day!


  1. Gorgeous views! I'm with you ... there's just something about being on the ocean, isn't there? How great that you got to see a seal! I'll bet you were excited to see him. How did you determine who he was?

  2. Those views are marvellous and we are so glad you got to see a seal. Lovely to remember your dad. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh boy we sure would take that view. Memories are good. We miss our grampies too
    Lily & Edward

  4. Oh Noreen, how I love Hawaii! What beautiful views! I hope you are enjoying every moment. Happy Birthday to dear Dad......I am sure he is watching over you every day!!!
    xo Kris

  5. Glad you saw a seal. The pictures are so beautiful....enjoy!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Dad in Heaven. I still miss my Dad after all these years, too.

    Great pictures and the view is spectacular! xo Diana

  7. The beach is beautiful!
    Happy Birthday to your dad in heaven!

  8. My dad's been gone 15 years, his mom passed just a few weeks after him...miss her the most!!
    Beautiful Photos! I can't imagine what it feels like to be there! I want to Hug your photos :) Enjoy!!

  9. Hi Noreen! I'm catching up on your blog, and am so envious of two things, one being that you are in a warm and most beautiful place, second, that you get to meet Val--I would so love to meet her, and cannot think of a better way to spend an afternoon in Hawaii than exploring her beaches! I hope you continue to enjoy your trip!! Take care!!

  10. Hubby & I have many a memory & memory a photo from the Hawaiian islands. We love Kauai and, in fact, spent 8 days in Poipu just last July. Fabulous! There's just something so invigorating about the plumeria scented salt air.

    Enjoy your many/myriad photo ops & leisure time.


  11. You certainly are staying in paradise!!!!! Have fun!

  12. Que maravilla de sitio.
    Me ha encantado visitar tu bloc. Despues de las vacaciones de Semana Santa y la fiesta de Sant Jordi, continuaremos con las limpiezas ecológicas primaverales y esta semana le toca a la cocina espero que os guste y os sea de utilidad y por eso te invito a visitar mi blog. Si te ha gustado espero que si no eres seguidora te hagas ahora.


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