Thursday, December 19, 2013

The last Thursday before Christmas and my days are so filled, mainly with wrapping and checking my lists, to make sure we have all the presents for our family.  Yesterday I spent several hours wrapping and today will devote most of my time to accomplishing this task.  I also need to compile grocery lists for Christmas eve and Christmas day.  I wish I had some cute photos to share, but truly I feel like I've been running here and there constantly.  I often sit in the evening, with computer in my lap, visiting you all.  Sometimes I leave comments and sometimes I just look at the beautiful Christmas decorations you all post. 
Yesterday I had lunch with a close friend who is a walking miracle.  Last month Laura was out walking with a friend and collapsed.  Thankfully, a respiratory therapist happened to be driving by and stopped. Laura had no pulse whatsoever.  The gal worked on her for a solid four minutes without one sign of life.  Then a captain of a local fire station, who lived nearby, came with paddles.  After the first shock to her heart nothing happened, the second one got a slight pulse.  On the way to the hospital there was no pulse.  Laura was put in an induced coma for several days.  All the medical personal who worked on her said they had no hope of her surviving, let alone with no brain damage. I'm here to tell you that it wasn't her time, she has no brain damage, has a stent and pacemaker, no broken ribs though the medical personal said she should have four or more.  Truly it is a gift to all of us to still have her with us!  It is also a wake up call to know how to perform CPR-it has changed over the years so you may need to get into a class again.  Another lesson, neither lady-Laura or her walking friend, had a cell phone on them.  Even if we can't use ours due to an emergency occuring, at least the friend can call for help.  Thankfully, for Laura, a college aged guy was driving by and called 911.
Today I am so thankful for the help she received and the gift of her life and friendship.

I am also so very thankful that today is our Granddaughter's 6th birthday; although we celebrated before, we will see her today and wish her a happy Birthday.
I hope your day is filled with smiles and songs.


  1. This will be a even more special Christmas for you friend and the people who love her.
    Stella Rose

  2. WOO HOO....rejoicing for a life spared. Love to hear of His works!!!!

  3. That was a miracle for Laura. We are so happy for you. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Wow, Laura has angels watching over her!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Wow...that was a miracle. You know after Melody's friend's tragedy, it just makes me believe all the more. Our very breaths are in His hand, and when it is our time, it is our time. I am sitting here thinking I need to get that same grocery list together. That's all that's left. Enjoy these days Noreen!

  6. The angels were watching over her that day ! Both Papa and I are CPR trained and are up to date , it is a good idea to know CPR cause one just never knows the more that are trained the more we can help others that need medical attention ! Happy Birthday to your granddaughter .

  7. Yes, these last days are full! Just waiting for dad to get out of the kitchen, so we can make the last batch of cookies!
    Sending Christmas greetings to your friend Laura.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Wyatt, Stanzie, Sue and Paul

  8. thankful for Laura's miracle. And, I'm so THANKFUL that God's the same, forever.

    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

  9. I am so glad to hear your friend is ok!! She is blessed!! Hope all is well with you and yours...we are all busy right now with so many things to catch up on! Hugs to you and Hunter! xo Jeanne and the girlz

  10. Laura's story is an example of the mysteries of life!

  11. Wonderful story! Have a great weekend.


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