Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Hunter

Today our Hunter is two years old; I have to confess that although I've always known approximately when our other dogs had birthdays(they were rescues), I never posted on them. I will also say that this pup is the most spoiled of any we've ever had. If you were to ask him, he'd say he owns us. I've turned into one of those ladies, with a small dog, that I used to laugh at; so beware of making fun of senior ladies and their dogs, lest you turn into one with the same behavior. Hunter is a joy-it is a characteristic of the breed and we couldn't be happier that he is our pup. We will be walking shortly, before the storm comes, and I'm sure I'll fix him something special to eat. He is my shadow, always near me and hubby loves the fact that he doesn't shed. I hope you have a furbaby in your life-they do make life more fun.
Stay warm today!
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Sounds like a match made in Heaven! It does the heart good to have a special buddy like Hunter!
    Zim and the girls send hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings! Please give him a little hug for me!

  2. What an adorable picture! I'm glad you have Hunter in your life; I know he gives you much joy!
    I have a small dog too; and right now she is fighting with the cat. :(

    I think when choosing a dog it's important to think about what works in your lifestyle and do your research. We felt a small dog would work best in our lifestyle now and for years to come.

  3. Happy Birthday to Hunter - he sure is a cutie!!! Can you please send some of your snow our way - Mom says no way, but we would love some.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Oh that red scarf and hat look just beautiful on him, Happy Birthday little Hunter we can tell you and your family are both blessed!
    stella rose

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Hunter. I remember when you joined the household and you have brought much joy to ease the sadness of the loss of dogs before you.

  6. He is adorable! All decked out for Christmas......


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