Friday, December 20, 2013

Doll Clothes

Happy Friday Friends! Many of you have asked to see the doll clothes I made for the granddaughters, so here are a few shots. I should have taken them in the morning when the light was good but these will have to do.  I also have to sew the baby's doll outfit-for when she reaches three. In the meantime, her sisters will be able to utilize it. I think by far my favorite outfits are the dresses with pinafores. Remember that I am not a seamstress and these are not the level that my girls would do, but I think the grands will love them just the same.
All of the fabrics came from my stash, some were even used in baby quilts. Again, my photos that were crisp and clear in Picaso, are now blurry. Not sure what happens here at blogger, but at least you'll get an idea.
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The black and white outfit on the left was fabric from one of the baby quilts.
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I will say that when it comes to sewing garments, even doll clothes, I put it off to the last moment or month. If I would just start sewing them in the summer, I could probably take my time and do some extra embellishments. Quilting, on the other hand, is what I will go slow on and deliberate.

Hubby and I have an appt. later; it is exciting and once we are finished, I will be letting you in on the secret of a new adventure for us.  I will tell you that it doesn't involve babies or adoption but will mean a change for hubby and I this coming spring.  If all goes smoothly today, hubby and I will be celebrating this evening.  Just wanting to keep you all in suspense-though some of you know what has been going on.
I realized yesterday that I still needed one new stocking for our littlest granddaughter, so this afternoon I will be searching for one for her.  We went to Target but still plan on stopping by Marshall's and Joann's.
I hope you are enjoying a peaceful week and looking forward to the weekend.


  1. those doll clothes are just lovely!!! Your granddaughters will enjoy them so much.
    Enjoy your day out and about, we are under a ice/storm watch for today through the weekend.
    stella rose

  2. The dolls clothes are lovely and we can't wait to hear your news.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You are doing a great job and the children will love these.
    I do want to let you know I could only see two of your photos. You might want to take a look.
    Blessings, Beth

  4. I made a lot of clothes for our girls when they were little and I think you're CRAZY doing that little stuff. Good heavens, I'm impressed. Can't wait to hear your fun news!

  5. I am sewing doll clothes tomorrow, Noreen. I am way behind getting at them,too. Yours are darling!!!!

    I have an idea about what might be happening-it might rhyme with mouse? lol xo Diana

  6. Love the doll clothes. I used to sew garments all the time for DD when she was growing up, but I've been quilting for so long now that I have trouble following a pattern. So I definitely admire you for working with doll clothes!! (And like Beth, I could only view 2 of the photos.)

    I think I know your news? But I can't wait to hear for sure! ;-)

  7. I think they are positively fabulous Noreen!! Hope all is well! xo Jeanne

  8. Pretty doll clothes. I used to make Barbie doll clothes for my 4 daughters. They always loved them. Blessings to you and yours for a Merry Christmas. xoxo,Susie

  9. The doll clothes are great and I am sure they will love them. I still have some of the doll clothes my mother made over 50 years ago.

  10. Can't wait to hear about your new adventure!


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