Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To all my friends who are cooks and love to bake. I'm in a bit of a quandary here and hoping some one out there has some tips for me. When we moved here two years ago one of my biggest challenges was to learn to bake at altitude, since we came from sea-level. Most packages have high altitude directions but how do you determine what to change when you bake from scratch? Last night, for the second time, I attempted a Pear Pie and I adjusted the temperature and time to bake it but it still didn't turn out. My sil said most times you need to tweak the recipe. So if there is anyone who has been in my situation and found the answer, can you share some wisdom with me.
Is there a website where a person can go to find out what to adjust? I am ready to throw my recipe out but don't want to because it was so good in California.

Today is Outdoor Wednesday at many sites but here in northern Colorado we've got rain and cold so I'll be staying inside sewing all day.

Two more bits of good news-our little Peanut, with her parents, met with the new doctor yesterday and there is a new course of action being taken concerning her GERD. We will know in about 6-8 weeks whether this is the answer but it is certainly better than adult strength medications and possible surgery.
The other Praise is that as of next April we will have a total of nine grandchildren as Peanut's mom is pregnant as well as our oldest daughter. God is so good!!!! To let us be here for both girls and their families is such an incredible blessing and we are so thankful.
May you behold the glory of the Lord this day in your life and the lives of your loved ones.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. Sorry, I don't bake all that much so I am no help there. I think Marlene does.
    Congrats on the new Grand babies coming to a family close to you soo. Great news about peanut. Is it mostly diet?

  2. No help on the baking I'm afraid Noreen. New grandbabies? Pure joy!

  3. I'm so excited to hear another grandchild is on the way. Congrats to all. What wonderful news to hear about your little Peanut. Praying for her. Hugs

  4. Hi Sweet Friend! Hope you get your baking thing worked out! That would drive me nuts! Have you just tried googling cooking at high altitudes?

    YAY!! More Grandies!! Congratulations you awesome Nana, you!! It is only fitting that God would give you more grandies to love since you love so well!!

    Have a wonderful Thursday! Sure do love ya!

  5. Well I am no help either with the baking department but I can join the others in saying "congratulations!" Love those grand babies!

  6. Wow, nine grandchildren!! That's awesome. I don't have any experience with altitude baking--only have seen adjustments on cake recipe boxes.

  7. Hi Noreen,
    I wish I could help with the baking situation, but don't know what to do adjust

    I am so excited of the news of your new grandbabies coming.And for the praise report from the doctors. Yes God is so good! All the time.!!
    Blessings and Hugs,

  8. I googled high altitude baking and found several sites that tell you the adjustments for floor, leavening, liquid and the reason for doing so. Since I have always lived here I have my tried and true recipes. I have never really thought a pie would be a problem unless it is the liquid - it usually takes more here and the temp needs to be higher. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    Congrats on the new grand babies and the good news about peanut


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