Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot Tamale!!!

I wish I had taken my camera to dinner with us in Albuquerque; we went to one of the best Mexican restaurants or so we were told. Now being originally from California I'm used to American-Mexican food and I've heard it is quite different than the food in Mexico. The man at the hotel told us that this restaurant had New Mexican food and my goodness what a difference! The atmosphere was quaint and the food delicious but can you say they sure know how to turn up heat! I am not one who delights in really hot and spicy food but I ate all of my enchilada. Even our cubed potatoes were hot, hot, hot. My dear hubby and our friend couldn't drink enough water to cool it down but in the end we found that the pastry with honey worked the best. It was a fun way to end our first day in New Mexico.
Hugs to you today,


  1. Hi Girlie,
    You are having so much fun in New Mexico. How Cool! Yea, I am with you when it comes to hot mexican food, I can only take mildly warm.
    You did good to eat your whole enchilada. I love those sopapillas
    I think they call them, that have the honey. Milk will cut the heat as well, water only makes it worse.
    I got that from a true Mexican American from Texas. They gave my
    brother a hot, hot, hot, jalepeno as a joke once, and then gave him
    a glass of milk to quench the heat.
    He has a very red face and lots of tears streaming down his face.
    I didn't particularly think it was
    a nice way to joke myself! But then, that is probably just me.
    I am not into mean!! lol
    Glad you are having so much fun.
    Keep up the good work!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Sounds like you are having fun in New Mexico---even with the spicy food. I like things seasoned with herbs and spices---even like mild green chillies. But I'm not crazy about "hot."

    By the way, my computer went down and I lost my email contacts. Would you send my an email, so I can put you back in my contacts. Also give my your address and phone number, please!

  3. My Momma grew up in New Mexico and she always said DRINK MILK!


  4. You're a whole lot braver than I am. Hot food I just can't eat. Hugs..

  5. I love hot and spicy Mexican food and so does Greg. Sounds delish! I haven't forgotten you my friend. I'll get a message off eventually; promise.

    Love you,

  6. My husband would have loved the hot stuff...I stick with the milder side myself.....

  7. I do not like HOT food either. In mexico we never had anything hot. Maybe they were cooking for the American...who knows. My DIL loves hot hot hot. I think it is crazy (o:

  8. Hi Nor! I'm with you...a little spice is one thing but the burnin' your face thing...no thanks!! Don't understand that one!! Not into pain!!

    Love and hugs to you sweetie! So thankful for you!!

  9. First, hot air balloons and then Mexican food! What more could you want.

    Come visit!

  10. Although I love Mexican food, not that spicy! Sounds like you had a great trip!


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