Thursday, August 27, 2009

Over the past year, many of you have read that one of our grand daughter's, age 2, has Acid Reflux Disease and also some Sensory Issues. Today, she is at Children's Hospital undergoing a 24 hour test, actually a retest, to compare and see if any healing has taken place over the last year. She will be put under a general and be monitored for two days. Her mom, dad, and baby sister will be at the hospital as well but only one parent will be able to be with her at a time due to the baby. We would cherish your prayers for our little Peanut-that the Great Physician would be glorified by the testimony of the healing from His hand that has taken place in her little body.

Also, many of you became acquainted with Linny@ when she asked us to pray for a dear christian sister, wife, mom of 10 adopted children who had terminal brain cancer. For those who are new to my blog, Linny is a pastor's wife, intercessor and mother of 10 who wrote a very important post yesterday entitled: Would You Please Pray and/or Fast With Us? With her permission, I have copied it here for you to read and I too ask that you would lift Linny, her family and precious Jubilee up in prayer.
Linny writes "It is a long story, which I cannot go into, but due to circumstances that were completely out of our control we have not been able to file our paperwork with immigration. (It is near done, but not quite.)
This morning, while grocery shopping I received a phone call from our agency. They had just received word that Ch*na was troubled by the length of time it has taken for our paperwork to get to Immigration, thus they are withdrawing their acceptance of us as Jubilee's parents. Meaning, we no longer have permission from Ch*na to adopt Jubilee.
I asked our agency what do we do now and they said, "We don't know. Ch*na has never done this before." Of course it hasn't.
Dw and I are grieved, have been crying, and are petitioning the Lord. We believe that one reason we have this blog and you bloggy friends is to join together "for such a time as this." If you think you cannot believe all the things that have happened to us this year, trust me, we cannot either.
Jubilee is our daughter. She has been our daughter for 18 months as we have dreamed about her, bought things for her and prayed for her. She will be 8 the day after Christmas. She needs to come home. She needs to come home now.
We need a mountain moved, a miracle to happen and great favor to be issued. We are asking God to move on the Ch*nese Government and rescind that decision and allow us to proceed - we are about 2 days from ready to send it.
Hence, we turn to the Almighty-God of the Universe, who we refer to as the Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God....He is the ONLY one able to move this mountain.
Would any of you be willing to pray and/or fast with us tomorrow, Thursday, August 26, 2009? Please pray for Jubilee's protection as well. There is no doubt that things are going on in the supernatural.
PS Please ask any prayer warrior or prayer chain to pray - please? And feel free to post it on your blog. "

I am so very thankful today, this thankful Thursday for you.
Be blessed. Noreen


  1. Linny has my prayers for sure. Such a beautiful family who have gone through so much this past year.

    I hope the report from your little Peanut is that the Lord has healed and He will be glorified. Hugs..

  2. Thank you for sharing about Jubilee and her family. Something seems to be up with China. I have friends who have been there for years and now they have to leave. I commented on her blog and will pray for them.

    I'm also praying for your family, my friend.

    Love you,

  3. My thoughts and prayers for this little sweetheart and her family.

    Prayers for this beautiful family, also.

  4. I will keep this family lifted up in prayer. Hugs, Marty

  5. Pray all goes well with your little one and family. How hard to think you have another child then have it just stopped. I went over there to get to know the family (o: Will pray.

  6. YES and YES! Praying about these situations. So much that needs bathed in our petitions.


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