Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camping In Colorado

My love for camping started after I graduated high school and friends introduced me to it. I also tried my hand at backpacking and although I loved being out in the wilderness, I weighed about 85 lbs and carrying a 35 lb pack just didn't work for me. After I was married, I introduced dear hubby to camping and that tradition has continued on with our daughters, their hubbies and their children. In fact, our decisionto move to Colorado, for our entire family, was made around a campfire two years ago. One stipulation my hubby has always had for campsites is that there has to be showers available. O.k. so call us spoiled California campers....the shoe certainly fits! Last year our entire group went camping up the Poudre canyon and it was beautiful; there was only one problem(and it's a big one)~pit toilets, no showers and no sinks in the bathrooms. I thought maybe this was a unusual campsite and started checking into it. At my age, I feel pretty good that we still sleep on the ground but there is only so much one can do without. It would seem that the state campgrounds that I've checked into don't have flush toilets, sinks or showers. My oldest said there may be some private campsites that have these amenities. Last weekend our oldest and her family went on a church camping trip up to Glendo, Wyoming and it is the same way up there. So bloggy friends that live here in Colorado I'm asking you if you know of any campgrounds that have these amenities for one spoiled lady. If we could take a motor home I would but being on a fixed income that is out of the question. My hat is off to all of you that camp in the more rustic settings-you go! I need your help for next year....
any suggestions?
Have a great day!!!!
Photo: July 2008, Colorado


  1. I love camping!!!! I sometimes go with my aunt. They have a trailor that we use. It's sooo much fun!!!

  2. I love camping in a motorhome, with air conditioning, microwave,tv, shower and a toilet. And a NICE SOFT bed!!!


  3. Try going to the Colorado State Parks in North Carolina, the wedsite list all the goodies....flush toilets, showers, water, etc....for each campground...if that doesn't work...come see us in NW North Carolina....i can fix you up with a great camp site.....


  4. Our family loves camping, too...the campgrounds and parks we have visited in Georgia and Tennessee all had (what I thought were) basic amenities of flush toilets, showers , and sinks...we got a great deal on a used RV several years ago and we enjoy using that very much....

  5. Noreen,
    Rough camping, huh? When I was a teenager camping in CO, Dillion Reservoir, Gunnison, Ouray are some I would suggest. I don't remember if Cripple Creek or Grand Junction have amenities. I have wonderful memories of camping in beautiful CO!
    Make memories :)

  6. I don't have an answer to your question as the last time I went camping was about 20 years ago. But I did enjoy the outdoors and we still have all of our camping equipment; tents, sleeping bags, etc.

    I wanted to stop by to say hello to you my dear friend.

  7. I stopped by to catch up - I've worked over 60 hours this week (budget season). Most of the campgrounds I know about are rustic, but I believe Boyd Lake has showers, etc and its close to you. Have a great weekend!


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