Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Life To An Old Mirror

Last weekend I found this antique mirror at a garage sale and the price was so low I couldn't help but buy it. When I got it home, hubby discovered it had once hung above an antique dresser and had a place where it would pivot. Monday hubby and I spent the day working on all sorts of wood projects~this mirror, two nightstands and our daughter's oak table that needed some desperate help. We stripped the old varnish, sanded, stained and applied a top coating to all the wood pieces. The mirror was a bit of a challenge because some of the wood was lighter in color, especially the scroll work on the top, and so we had to play with the stain to get it even looking. But here it is and we are so pleased with how it turned out. After all this practice we are going to refinish our antique dining room table that once belonged to my mom and dad. The table is in poor shape and needs some extra care so it should be a great project to work on.
In the midst of this, I've been fighting summer allergies or a cold and don't have as much energy as I normally do so we haven't been out bike riding. We've also been having rain and cold weather so it isn't nearly as tempting as it is in nice weather.
Have a great day.


  1. Dear friend, that is one awesome mirror. I love it.

    Hope your allergies improve soon. Hugs.

  2. you did a good job - awesome!

  3. Hi, I,m cottonreel, you visited my blog .Thankyou,We have Spring /summer here in England. I,m also sneezing a lot, hayfever .There are fields with rape seed growing that is turned into cooking oil, makes us all sneeze. good luck and lots of fun doing your finds up. Bless you

  4. Hi Noreen,
    You both did a fantastic job, I used to strip and refinish furniture that I would find at sales, and it is a lot of work but very rewarding. I am sorry you are not up to par, been there done that, not fun. hoping and praying you will be feeling better soon, summer is almost here and I know you have lots of plans for those sweet grandchildren.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very beautiful. Lots of hard work I am sure. Sorry about the cold or allergies. I am just plain tired this week and not sure how to get my energy back. Hope it is sunny and warm tomorrow (o:

  6. Hope you're feeling better soon! Love the mirror!

  7. Yes, I can see this beautiful mirror in the guest bedroom now, and I love it!! I hope your beautiful quilt is packed away - it is something special knowing that Dee snuggled with it in her hours of need.


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