Thursday, June 4, 2009


About eight years ago, my next door neighbor(one of my best friends and quilting buddy)and I decided to go on a mystery quilt retreat. We had never done this before although we had gone to a couple of major quilt shows in Ca. This was such a new concept for me to grasp and it was difficult to purchase fabric for a quilt without knowing what the pattern was. The teacher was Linda Ballard and she suggested Thimbleberries fabrics but I just could wrap my head around the colors so I settled for these-two green and one bright pink. I love Thimbleberries fabrics and hope someday to make a quilt out of those colors. So this weekend was a challenge for me in so many ways~the fabric and also the amount of time spent sewing-most of the gals would sew a minimum of ten hours. I am not a proficient quilter and at the time was working full time so for me to sit in front of a machine and sew for 5 hours was a stretch. Add in that at times I can become easily confused but thankfully had my friend with me, who happens to be an excellent teacher and patient friend. When I finally finished the quilt it just didn't feel like me; for those who don't quilt all I can say is that my quilts are a work of love because I invest so much of myself in them. It took me many hours to finish the top and quilt it by hand but in the end I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. Then an idea struck me; it reminded me of spring flowers-specifically tulips with the bright pink. At the time my sister was going through her sixth round of chemo in her battle against Ovarian cancer and due to my work schedule I couldn't be there with her for her treatments. When she was first undergoing her chemo years earlier, I had made my first lap quilt for her too-something that I made that would keep her warm. So after this was done, I gave it to her-not only to keep her warm but to bring some rays of sunshine into her weekly routine. I'm not sure if this lap quilt is packed away or if my sister's son has it but I think I like the pattern and fabric choices more than I did back then; of course it might be that it holds more memories and love than when I made it. If I find it when we unpack all our boxes I'll have to find a special place for it.

Have a joyous Thursday!


  1. Great Quilt memories. I do not quilt, but I have friends that do. I love to look at the material. I tend to go towards the bright colors.
    It is still gloomy and cold today )o: This is so not typical of Colorado. June can be cool, but not this cool. Nobodies weather seems to be typical lately.

  2. What great memories. I used to quilt, but hadn't in years until I made a quilt for Kaiden's crib. I have several quilts my mother made as well as one my sister made for my son when he was born. They bring back so many memories.

    The glass flower is from Glassworks Studio & Gallery in Estes Park - it is at the far west end of town. Great shop - I have a hard time not coming out of there with something.

  3. What a wonderful story. I don't quilt but I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into one quilt. I'm sure your sister enjoyed being able to use this. It's a beautiful quilt!!!

  4. We just got back from another road trip. Wonderful quilting memories and great quilt. I'll talk to you later tonight. Hugs.

  5. I love quilts and enjoyed this story....

  6. Another lovely quilt!! Wish you could help me put together one that I have had the squares finished on for over 15 years!! It just sits in my bottom drawer waiting for me to finish it!! My teacher bailed on me, and I haven't found anyone else to help1 :o( Good reason for you to fly to Florida, right?? ;o)

    Love ya, sweetie!!


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