Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday's Musings

This weekend I finished reading Karen Kingsbury's new book Take One. Karen is one of my all time favorite writers and this new series revisits some character's from her other series. If you get a chance and need some light reading by all means grab this did not disappoint me.

Friday found me joining my hubby and our youngest daughter with her three girls visiting all the garage sales in Windsor. I was sad that we did not find any antiques but I did come away with some fun finds~a set of nesting shaker boxes that are tole painted, plus several Americana decorations for inside and out. I'm still battling my allergies and asthma and running errands seems to zap me of all my energy.
Sunday our youngest gave a baby shower for a new mom at church and all the ladies attended. My girl did a wonderful job and everyone had a great time plus the most important was that the new mom was blessed. I gave her a baby quilt I made some months back and she was thrilled.
But by the time the shower was over I headed home for some rest-I was beat. We've had quite the weather here and several tornadoes were seen in the Denver area yesterday.

Whatever your day or week holds, remember to do it all to the glory of God.


  1. The weekend was so much fun! I really appreciated all of your help and I forgot to comment on how much K. loved your quilt!!!
    Hope you are feeling back to normal soon!

  2. All that garage sale shopping sounds fun! Hope your allergies are better and you're enjoying a day of rest today!!

  3. I just want to know how on Earth Karen K. writes so many books (o: My daughter actually saw the funnel yesterday afternoon as they were leaving Flat Irons Church in Lousiville. It is up on a hill so they could see it to the East. I promise... tornados are new to me. I have lived here all my life. I remember seeing one East of us in Fort Lupton as a kid. Not big, no damage. Yours was the first one that has caused much damage that I know of.
    I loved my garage sale day (o: Maybe the sun will shine SOON. (o:

  4. I really liked Karen's book too. At first I found it hard to get in to, however it got better.

    Sorry to hear you're allergies are acting up. Glad to hear the shower went well. I'm going to have to check out Kim's blog.

    hugs my friend.

  5. I hope your allergies go away soon. My son suffers in the spring and it seems so miserable.
    We were in the mountains over the weekend and had wind and rain but didn't know about the tornados until we turned on the news last night. The one at 144th is close to our house. They make me so nervous. I have been in 2 of them here - one when I was a teenager that hit near Palmer Lake and one in Thornton when my son was 18 months old. Neither one caused much damage to our homes, but scary anyway.

    Have a great week.

  6. I am glad you were okay through all the storms over there. When I heard the news I couldn't help but wonder about you!



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