Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well our little peanut is home from the hospital. This was a shot taken while Mom, Dad,Delaney and Mackenzie roamed the halls. Because she was just being tested they had the ability to go to each floor and see new sights as well as eat in the cafeteria. The hospital has radio-flyer wagons for the children and that makes travelling a bit more fun. As you can see Mackenzie does have the tube up her nose and the funny thing of her arm is called a "no-no"~it keeps her arms straight so she can't pull the tube out. Also helped to keep her from pulling the IV tube out of her arm. She did pretty well considering.... There was a complication after the procedure but the doctor's got it under control. She was released and so glad to get home.
The biopsy results will be available on Friday and hopefully will show what is producing so much stomach acid. From the initial scope everything looked normal and we even got a look at the photos. So now we just wait, wait and pray for the doctor's wisdom and insight and also that our precious little one will be healthy.


  1. What a beautiful child! My prayers are with her and you and her family.


  2. Noreen,
    I pray that the biopsy results will reveal what the problem is, so the doctors will know how to treat her. She is so precious. Praying for all of you!

  3. Noreen,
    I am praying for your little granddaughter. What a cutie she is!

    Did you happen to get my email yesterday (about quilting)?


  4. Noreen,

    Thanks for the update on Mackenzie and I pray that the biopsy results will show the problem so the doctors will know best how to treat it.

    What a little sweetie and so much for her to go through!



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