Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Grand Old Gal

This is my girlfriends brother's home; it is such a grand old home with so many incredible qualities but a little in need of some sprucing up. It's funny cause that could often be said of me.... lol. I'll be spending two days there with my friend; we'll have lots of fun but also be working all the dogs and also cleaning the house as a Christmas present for her brother. I love visiting but can truly say it is too big to live in, especially for just two people unless you have 12+ dogs. Of course they only left 10 or 11 and most of them stay in very very nice kennels. Her brother is in his 70's and their lives revolve around dogs~breeding, showing, training etc etc. He is an avid hunter and has traveled the world big game hunting. Having said that, there are countless trophy heads mounted around the house. Most of them are animals that were shot in Africa; two adorn the grand staircase in the entry hall. It is fun to see different animals that I've never seen except on t.v. but I fear if I lived there they would give me the willies. I understand the necessity and need for hunting to provide food for a family if you live out in the mountains but hunting for sport is just not something I would do. I understand it but I think I love animals to much, unless one was threatening my life or someone I love. I do love target practicing but just not killing an animal for sport. I may take my camera and take some pictures. I can't wait for all the girl time we'll have and probably some special prayer times too.
Have a warm joy filled day.

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  1. Can't wait for pictures. Have lots of fun. There's nothing like girl time. Don't freeze. The dogs must be so much fun.


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