Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I can't believe New Year's Eve is almost upon us-where did the week go? While many have been taking down their Christmas decorations and trees I have been working on dear hubby's Christmas quilt that I didn't get done in time. It's actually coming together quite easily and I'm hoping that today I will have the top pieced and ready to pin for quilting. That's where the work slows down because even though it is a relatively simple flannel quilt, the hand stitching takes longer. This quilt is a cute flannel Snowman print that I found and loved and since we snuggle under throws while watching t.v. I thought this would be really warm. I still owe him one more quilt, which I have all the fabric for, but it will take awhile to make as it is quite intricate. I'm not even sure he remembers the other quilt and the flannel one will be great for the winter. After I finish piecing it, then I'm ready to take down all the decorations. We always have the tree down by New Year's Eve so that we start the New Year with a nice, clean living room.
We are thinking of having a special dinner tomorrow night and then will probably just stay home and watch a video.
As for resolutions, I don't like making them and there is always something I could change-like my weight, lack of exercise etc but this year my focus will be spiritual and trying to add to my life not take away.
Blessings to you this day.


  1. Noreen, what a wonderful and sweet gift! I would love to quilt, but have no idea how to start or what books to read on it. Will you be posting the picture of the quilt?
    I love the part where you said that you and your hubby love to snuggle when watching movies.
    We are the same way about taking the Christmas tree down before the new year. I always feel like I am dragging the old year into the new. My mom started this tradition and I have always followed in step.
    Happy New Year and blessings in the Lord!
    Miriam :)

  2. At least you got your tree down. wish I did. I did go to the clinic and sure enough I was right. Got medicine and should be fine soon. We got invited to a friends to play a game tomorrow night, so I made myself go take care of things (o: I use to have them a lot too. Since I drink lots of water now, i don't seem to get them as much. Have fun relaxing and finishing the quilt.

  3. Dear Noreen,
    The quilt sounds lovely, I'm sure your husband will appreciate the hard work you put into it. We will be taking down our decorations tomorrow or New Year's Day. Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

  4. Hi Noreen ~

    Thanks for sharing the happenings at you home!

    Wishing you and your family a very blessed New Year!

    Hugs to you!


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