Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On Warm Days and Such

Last nights sunset in northern Colorado

Yesterday afternoon when I got home from errands dear hubby had our kayak out and I could tell by the look in his eye and his attire-sandals and shorts he was wanting to enjoy one more day of autumn before the weather turns. So we loaded the kayak into his car and headed to our local lake which happens to be right around the corner. Talk about nice; not only is the lake so close but yesterdays weather was in the mid 70's. Getting into carpi's and sandals had me a bit skeptical and I certainly didn't want to get wet-it wasn't that warm. Anyhow, we got into the kayak amidst the Canadian Geese that winter here and paddled around the lake. Of course hubby also wanted to see how many golf balls were within reach in the water as the lake is bordered on one side by a golf course, which he had played at in the morning. Although I was initially reluctant to go I was so thankful we went. Spending times like this with my beloved is so much fun and part of the time I was just able to watch the robins on trees, chirping and playing, and also look for our lake beaver that hubby has seen. What a life! By the time we headed to shore the clouds had moved in and the breeze picked up but it was beautiful to be out on the water. I should have taken my camera. If that wasn't enough to be thankful for we also enjoyed an incredible sunset last night. I am so blessed and so thankful to all I have in life.


  1. I like your blog's new look. Isn't it terrible when you forget your camera, always when that happens to me I see the most wonderful things and I can't capture them to blog with! Darn!


  2. I love unexpected adventures like that. If I took the camera on a boat...we would tip and I would loose it...better to leave it on dry land. The weather was soooo nice. Is this your first winter here? This is not the norm, just so you know. (o: I missed the sunset...I have a cold or I might have been out walking.

  3. I love the update - I am so proud of you Mom!!! It looks great!

  4. Sounds like a lovely time. The picture of the sunset is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a special time you enjoyed together and what a gorgeous sunset photo you've posted here :o)

  6. Nice new design.

    And I took at picture the same night. The sunsets are amazing!

    Love that you are a looker and a listener like me. Makes life so much for fun!


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