Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Day After

While many folks get up before dawn to hit the stores and make the most of "Black Friday"sales I've never been one to do that and I can't even imagine getting up that early just to shop. I know there are deals to be made but the only time I've gotten up in the middle of the night is to hop a plane for a vacation or to babysit grandchildren when one of my girls is in labor. Even now, being retired and on a very tight budget, that just isn't something I would want to do. I did go out with Kim and hit Family Christian bookstore for some sales but that was mid-morning. I love those $5.00 door busters. The rest of the day was spent at home, sewing and then getting some Christmas decorations out. I'm not quite ready to get out everything but a little bit seems just right. Last evening Kim and her gang came over and we snapped some pictures of our way to bring in the post Thanksgiving day.
The first pic is of my darling hubby with granddaughter Delaney; fast asleep after a full day of fun.
Next is our little Mackenzie, wearing her brand new compression vest. This vest is weighted and fits snug; something that helps kids with sensory issues feel safe and secure. The therapist dropped it off yesterday and we were encouraging her at how pretty it is. Truth is-she's the pretty one.
Then, although I didn't realize I'd be in the photo, comes Delaney in her Nana's lap. I'm not one for pictures-but oh well...she's just so darn cute!
Lastly is the photo that started all the picture taking: Shannon and her cousins puppy Lily. Actually we sent this to the boys for they are missing their puppy alot and I wanted them to see we are taking good care of her and giving her lots of love.
As for this weekend, well I'm not sure if we'll try and get any presents or not. One granddaughter is turning one and we need to finish up her birthday shopping and also hit out local feed store for dog food. Hubby and I are only doing stockings this year, with everyone, so that makes it so much easier to shop. We are giving hand crafted items-quilts and wood projects to all. I really wanted our Christmas to be homespun this year, simple and Christ centered. Considering that Mackenzie goes in next week for a medical procedure at Children's Hospital, I think her parents agree; there is much to much to focus on instead of buying.
Hubby and I are enjoying having daughter's puppy here but our old dog Reggie is having issues. I've resorted to sleeping in our guest room with the puppy while hubby has our two dogs in our room. I've tried every option I can think of to make this work but in order for either of us to get any sleep this is what works. Daughter and her gang should be back next Wednesday but may be delayed due to son-in-laws Grandmother being in her final stages of cancer. I never thought I'd opt to sleep in another room for a dog but a gals gotta due what a gals gotta do.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Noreen,

    These photos are precious!

    A homespun Christmas that is Christ centered and taken up with how He's blessed us and all the dear ones we have to love, means far more than any presents, big or small, that can be bought in a store anywhere :o)


  2. I loved the post Mom!!! The pictures of the girls are so cute and I was shocked to see how much Kenzie & Laney look alike. You guys are the best and I just don't know what we would do without you - we are so blessed. Love ya

  3. Cute pictures. The girls are so cute and puppy is too. What we don't do for our kids and our pets...(o: I did run over to Super Walmart on Friday, but it wasn't early and it was not as bad as I thought it might be. Today hubby and I actually went to a movie. Wow. Have a good Sunday.

  4. Noreen,
    Thank you for sharing the pictures. Your grandchildren are so cute!!


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