Thursday, June 3, 2021

Memorial Day

Hello All,  Last weekend hubby and I flew to Northern California to attend a 70th birthday party for hubby's brother's birthday.  What's a gal to do, but call her brother and sister of her heart asking them to pick us up at the airport and then go to lunch before we headed to hubby's sister's house.  My brother and sister in law found The Waffle Experience that was in close proximity to where his sister lives and we enjoyed lunch there.  From left to right-hubby, sister of my heart, my brother(both who we hadn't seen for 1.5 yrs) and myself.  We had a such a great time catching up, but sadly it was over too soon.
Hubby's sister has several passions, one being gardening.  While she has quite a small home, she has about 1/3 acre in the back yard.  She has landscaped it beautifully and loves spending time weeding and redoing plants. She has at least 10 Japanese Maples, hubby is standing in front of one.  Their dad loved these trees and had a yard filled with them; hence each of the four siblings love them as well.  We had so many in Santa Rosa, but they aren't as hardy here.  We do have one Lacy Leaf Japanese Maple in the front yard and a miniature in the back yard.  We have to go to some lengths to help them survive our snowy winters.
We had a wonderful two days with hubby's family and surprised his brother who couldn't believe we flew out just to attend the party.  When we got home all my Iris plants were in bloom in the back yard.  I call this garden area the "Loretta" garden after my mom, who loved Iris plants and my dear friend Loretta who gave me all the bulbs that bloomed here.

 This weekend we will celebrate one granddaughter's birthday and then it will be relaxed.

Hope you have a great day!

Hugs,  Noreen

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