Monday, September 23, 2019

Sights of Yellowstone

Happy Monday to you all. It already seems like several weeks ago that we were in Yellowstone with our best friends. This first shot is of Firehole Falls, close to Madison and the West Entrance.
                                                  White Dome Geyser
Loved seeing this boiling water spilling into the river.

This mud pot reminded me of a Troll.
Waterfalls are everywhere and so beautiful!
One of my dreams was so see lots of wildlife and that we did.  We saw Elk, Buffalo and Bears.  I was the first one to spot this juvenile Grizzly running towards us in the meadow next to the road.
Loved his coloring.  Believe it or not, my window was down and I was shooting this photos will my phone.  Someone asked me if I was scared and I truly wasn't.  If he had wandered close to our car, I would have been-but he was a safe distant away.  He really wanted to cross the road to get to the river, but do to stopped traffic was unable to.  When he started posturing(standing on his hand feet) he was only about 30' from our car.  He appeared to be between 5-6' tall.  He was a beauty!  Wouldn't want to meet him face to face though.
Loved seeing this buffalo; they are still somewhat small in comparison to their original size, but he was gorgeous.

I tried to get signs of the places we stopped so I could add them into our slide show, but that didn't always happen.  In fact, the second day of our time in Yellowstone we saw a bigger black bear and he actually stopped and looked at me while I was taking photos.  I never felt in harms way and was very cautious.
Hope you have a wonderful first day of Autumn.


  1. Great pictures! We went to Yellowstone last year-it's an amazing place!

  2. You have shared some awesome photos!

    Yellowstone is such a wonderful place to visit.
    We went there one winter with our snowmobiles and wow! What an amazing time we had.
    That was the last year you could take your own snowmobiles in.


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