Monday, February 4, 2019


Happy February to you!  It's a month of love and sweetness, so when my Co.Bff texted and asked if I could go play with this beautiful guy over the next month, how could I resist.  Riley is almost two and such a sweet pup.  Kam is in North Carolina with her daughter and first grandson; she's missing her pup like crazy and he is lonely since Kam's hubby went back to work after the furlough.  Riley has quite the imposing bark and I certainly wouldn't want to try to get into their home with him guarding it.  However, he knows me and went nuts when he saw it was me.  I can tell you honestly that I don't think we could ever have a dog that sheds again.  I went over and played with him, took him outside and just pet him a lot.  Kam's other daughter will be there this afternoon to spend time with him.  I can tell he's missing Hunter and our walks and Hunter certainly misses him~as shown me when I got home and he caught Riley's scent.  Our weekend was so nice and pleasant, but our temps are dropping and we should have snow tomorrow.  We went to a Super Bowl party at our neighbors and had a great time-such great food, even if the game wasn't great.
I hope you have a wonderful day and week.  Seems to be harder and harder to find this to post about, so it might be sparse here.
Joy to you.


  1. I'm with you on finding things to post about. He's a beautiful dog. We had yellow labs years ago and did not want to do the shedding ever again! It was just the two of us for Super Bowl but we had a nice time.

  2. Beautiful picture of Riley. We are looking for a dog for Tealyn but not really... only when we see a fun loving sweet dog...LOL have a blessed day


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