Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring Rain

On a cold and rainy Friday, what is one to do but have a relaxed morning and then join hubby to meet two friends for lunch.  Hubby has one dish he loves, a chimichunga, so he always orders it.
 Typically, I order a shrimp taco salad without the tortilla, but today decided to try their house salad with steak.  It was good, but not as good as my regular salad.
We left in the midst of a downpour and ran a few errands; hubby is now downstairs watching Passenger while I'm upstairs sewing on a binding. We desperately need the rain, but next week shows 4 days of it. Our spring is typically very wet and as long as there is no flooding, I'm o.k. We also get rain during the summer months-usually in the afternoon or evening.  That means that during the summer, when our old town  in no. Ca. is brown and dry, we will have green grass and abundant plants.  I do hope we get some warm weather though.  Our weekend is pretty quiet and on Monday I'm joining 8 friends and going on a mini-shophop.  For those non-quilters, this simply means that we are picking out 6-8 quilt stores in different towns and going to them.  We will also go to the Quilt Museum in Golden, someplace I've never been before and that I'm excited about; we have a ball when we are together!
I hope you have a glorious weekend!


  1. We're getting tired of all the rain here. The drought is over and the levels of everything is high! Bring on the sunny days!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. We've gotten a LOT of rain here, it just doesn't seem to want to end! I hope you have a blessed and wonderful time with your friends as you shop hop, sounds like a really fun outing!


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