Thursday, February 2, 2017

It's Thankful Thursday and I am so thankful that all of the family that was out and about driving yesterday made it home safely. In the 9 years we've lived here, we've never had weather like we had yesterday afternoon and evening. A Ice-Rain storm arrived mid afternoon and boy was it awful to be out in. I was at a friends house and her hubby told me to be really careful driving home, because it was so slick out. It wasn't snowing, but the rain was freezing as soon as it hit the windshield. I drove past one accident where a young gal had lost control, drove off the road and rolled her car. Thankfully many good Samaritans were helping her; in fact, a lady was walking her to the road and the gal was sobbing and collapsed onto the field. I kept waiting for EMT's to arrive and none showed up by the time traffic cleared. I later found out why-there was an alert sent out not to call 911 unless there was an injury involved. When our SIL was driving home from work-a normal 30 minute commute that took an hour, he saw 4 cars rolled over and he stopped to help one man get out of his car. Some folks might call what we had Black Ice-I don't know, but it was treacherous. From what the news said this morning there were four fatalities due to weather.
On Sunday, hubby and I cooked a turkey and had three wonderful meals from it, besides freezing the majority of meat. Last night we had a little left so made our traditional Fried Rice, pictured below. This is a standard that we use with left overs such as chicken, steak, turkey, pork/ham. WE add in fresh vegetable like carrots, onion, mushrooms, broccoli etc. We also add in cooked white or brown rice and scrambled egg. I knew I'd have a hard time deciding what to post today so quickly took a photo; actually I took the picture to text my friend I saw yesterday who said they always have a hard time figuring out what's for dinner.

Today will be an inside day; this afternoon the grands come over and tonight we are going to a dinner theater with our neighbors. I'd rather just hunker down inside, but it should be fun.
I hope you are having a good week and that your weather isn't as weird as ours was yesterday.  It's been snowing since last evening-which may mean that it could be even slicker on the roads today.
Until tomorrow~


  1. We have black ice here sometimes, too. It is horrible. You have no control once your car starts slipping-it is impossible to stop the slide once it starts. Very scary. I try to stay off the roads if I know it is icy. I don't mind driving in the snow (as long as I have good visibility) and my SUV handles really well in the snow--but I have had a couple scary 'slips' on ice covered roads-once spinning all the way around (thank goodness I was going really, really slow).

    Have a good 'inside' day and enjoy dinner theater tonight. Praying for you, Noreen. xo Diana

  2. Glad you made it home safely. Ice storms are the WORST!!!

  3. I'd much rather drive in snow than ice, any day. I believe you when you said it was treacherous. Ice is horrible. So glad you made it home safe! Cooking the turkey sounds like a great thing to do, and the leftovers are even better! I like to make bone broth with the bones and then turkey soup. So good. Hugs to you today!

  4. I grew up in Colorado and I have never seen a winter quite like this one. We have had more gray days, freezing rain, and thawing during our snowy months than I have ever seen.
    We live a little higher in the mountains and right now the ice on our property is treacherous! A couple of days ago my husband fell on the ice and hit his head quit hard leaving him with a mild concussion and short term memory loss. Scary!!
    Each day his memory is coming back but his neck and head still has much pain.
    It was quite a jolt so I'm sure it will be a slow process in healing.
    People are talking of how bad the ice is everywhere for walking here in the valley. Too many warm days for this time of year.

    Be safe out there~~

  5. Glad all made it home safely. Icy roads are so much worse than snow-packed ones. Mom likes to cook a turkey breast because she and Dad can get a few good dinners out of it plus sandwiches, very economical when you can buy them on sale for under $1.50/lb.

    Enjoy the show.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  6. Glad you're safe! We have black ice often around here and when I lived in Amarillo I was driving to work & didn't know it was like that. I spun all around from the top of a bridge down to another area, facing the opposite direction! I was blessed as they closed the bridge soon after I passed. I will try to drive in snow but that's about it.

    Your fried rice looks delish! I hope you are able to get out this evening & enjoy the show.



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