Friday, January 6, 2017


Happy Friday to you!  As you can see we are still having bitterly cold temps here in No.Colorado.  However, this morning is sunny with blue skies-makes my heart soar.
The hawk was back in our neighbor's tree this morning-couldn't get his face.
Here is the view from outside on our deck.  Got to love it, especially since I don't need to go out today.  We were supposed to meet up with friends from Ca. for lunch, but decided it was so cold-I know we do live in Colorado.  I can't stay in her brother's house, due to so much dust and dander from their 15 dogs-it gives me asthma.  So the last few years when I go to see her, we need to go out somewhere.
I'll head downstairs shortly to sew-seems like I've got plenty of time for that these days and I love the slower pace.  I thought about going to our rec center to walk, but getting inside can be tricky with ice, so think I'll wait till next week.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. There's nothing like Colorado blue skies after a snow storm, beautiful!
    Enjoy your sewing~~

  2. What a lovely view outside your window, Noreen! I don't blame you for staying in....there are many days I wish I could just stay in by the fire and enjoy the snow outside my window!

  3. It's been bitterly cold here - minus something when I got up. When it's below zero, it just all runs together and doesn't really matter how much. LOL. I am not as fond of the cold and snow as my girls are! :)

  4. Someone has 15 dogs in their house? OH MY!!! lol I don't like going out in the bitter cold either. ugh- xo Diana

  5. WINTER BLESSINGS to you this vey cold day. I admit I stay inside when it's so cold outside unless I just have to go somewhere. This kind of cold makes my nose hairs freeze! Ha. Can you tell I'm a baby?
    All the best,

  6. Hi Noreen,
    Happy New Year to you and yours.
    I don't blame you I would stay in too. Sounds
    pretty is cold here in Florida bu
    probably nothing in comparison. It has been a beautiful day I have to say. Course, we don't have any snow to contend
    since we couldn't get frozen yogurt we did
    decide to go out to lunch for a change since
    we were already out for church.
    I always love the slower pace of Winter as well....a nice respite.
    Hope you are doing well hon,
    Blessings, Nellie


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