Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Mountains Are Calling

Good Morning to you! In an effort to take my mind off all the discord that is happening around the country, I'm choosing this day to focus on something pleasant. You all know how I feel so refreshed when I'm in the Rockies and tomorrow our family is heading up to the high places for the weekend. Each year we gift our family with a weekend at a condo up in Estes Park; somehow it just never happened until now. While the colors are long past peak, our weather in northern Colorado has been unseasonably warm and beautiful. We all spend the days and evenings together-hiking, playing games and cards and just relaxing. I always visit my favorite quilt store, Cottage Bliss, looking for new projects or treasures-or both. Our grands often go to the indoor rock climbing gym for an afternoon; they love it and so do I, though I don't climb.

Our favorite dog sitter will be here for two of our family dogs; there was a complication and two will be boarded for the weekend-not something I'm happy about, but something that was necessary.
If you had been around me this week, you would have heard me say that I would love a dusting of snow for Christmas, but then it can stay away until next year.  I love winter, I love spending days quilting, but have immensely enjoyed the warmth that allows me to get out and walk each day. In fact, that is where I'm headed now.  Tomorrow I have a quilt group meeting, we will celebrate one year of being together and I'm bringing a special cake for the ladies.  We leave in the afternoon, so doubt I'll be on here.  Hopefully I will have some photos on Monday to share and my new wall hanging will be done, so I can share that too.  Before you know it, I'll be hanging it for the holidays.
May your weekend be filled with rest and contentment.
Walk in peace,


  1. Noreen, Wishing all of you great fun. You will love seeing the quilt store again. Be safe. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Enjoy your walk! Watch out for ticks!

  3. I like winter too! Our mornings are beginning to get so cold we need to use our electric heaters. Yay. Love fall and your photos are breathtaking. Enjoy your time at the condo!


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