Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Happy Wednesday to you! I have mentioned that hubby has been working tirelessly on painting different rooms of the house~yesterday he painted our kitchen. So the story is that I had taken some paint to match, because the previous owners didn't leave any details and I loved the color. Hubby had wanted it lighter, but I couldn't find a color that looked good and went with the tiles. So Monday morning he went to the big box store with the sample and asked them to make a gallon up of it. When he brought it home, I knew immediately that it wasn't the exact same color; yesterday I even had hubby look at the numbers on the can and sure enough it was different. I can tell you that the underlaying color of the new gallon had olive in it and the other sample color, that was to be matched did not. Yesterday when I got home from walking I expected to take the gallon back and have the right color made, however hubby had already started painting the walls. When I mentioned the difference in color, that honestly no other people would notice, he said that we'd wait and see how it looked. I can tell you that it looks fresh and a smidge lighter and that hubby likes it, so it is all good.

You can see our antique spools and also milk bottles above the cabinet. We cleaned everything before putting them back up and it is fine. To be honest I'm a bit intense when it comes to colors matching etc. The window toppers look perfect with the color and it goes well.

Now we only have to do our master bedroom, hallway, living room, entry way before the holidays and in the New Year we will paint downstairs. It is quite a job and I'm so thankful to my man for undertaking this challenge.
I'm heading downstairs to sew right now; it's lovely out and I'm sure Hunter would love to go for a walk-well maybe I'll take him and then sew.
Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Color matching can be so tough, but the lighter shade is very nice. We are ready to start work on our second floor but the contractor is backed up until mid-year 2017! It will be a long wait:(

  2. My home needs painting so badly but I just don't have the energy to start! It's a gorgeous day here, so after walking 8 city blocks *twice* to/from parking/courthouse for jury duty, I am home with the doors open, enjoying the cooler temps! October stayed fairly hot (mostly in the 90's) so it is wonderful to have a day in the 80's. Praying all is well and you are enjoying a beautiful fall! Blessings, Cindy xo

  3. Noreen, I would be thrilled if Ted could paint to suit me and not make a mess. LOL Yes, walk Hunter while it's pretty out. :) It's been so nice here and got to 79's November. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Wow.. I think your man is a super hero!
    And thinks made fresh,, makes a perfect day

  5. It looks great and I'm glad that all worked out!

  6. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to refresh and reenergize; it looks great!

  7. Paint always makes such a difference and really is a very inexpensive way to redo a room, etc. So glad you're both happy with the color!


  8. You have a lovely kitchen...and a most helpful husband!

  9. I think it's lovely, and I think that paint really does freshen things up, whatever shade it is. We need to paint too, and you've reminded me why.

    Enjoy your weekend!!


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