Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Kicks

Happy Thursday to you. I've shared that I've been having an issue with my left foot-specifically the ball of my foot and two of my toes. From what I've read it sounds an awful lot like Morton's Neuroma, but I sure hope not. Tuesday I went shopping with my neighbor and wore the Born shoes I got two years ago for Ireland-well, by the time I got home an hour+ later, I was noticing that it felt like the were too tight-hmm, how could that be. Granted my foot has changed since high school and college and I now wear a larger size. So today, after I got home from a ladies bible study, I dragged hubby down to the shoe store. I probably need to see a podiatrist, but am hoping I can wait until I turn 65 next year(medicare). I had been told that Earth shoes(you know those hippy type shoes many of us wore in the early 70's)would be a good shoe for me. So now they have a new line called Earth Origins that I decide to try. They are very comfortable and since I won't be walking in them each day on my walks, I think they'll be just fine. I can wear them with jeans or a long skirt. I loved that they weren't as pricey as some shoes I've looked at. Time will tell.

I've never had it easy with shoes-when I was growing up I had to wear corrective saddle shoes with a wooden heel to prevent me from pronating, something that runs in my family. The only time I remember being able to wear shoes the first time I tried them on was when I was pregnant-because my foot wasn't as skinny as normal. Add in a Morton's Toe and that limits many shoes as well. In the summer I wear Olukai sandals that were designed by a Podiatrist and I love them. They have shoes as well, but are extremely pricey. I'll let you know how these go. Hope you are able to find shoes that are comfortable and that work for you.
May your day be blessed!


  1. Hi Noreen! Good luck with your new shoes! I remember Earth Shoes very well.
    I have feet issues too, and can only wear shoes that will accommodate my very attractive orthotics. Sigh...
    Hope your Morton's can wait until next year!

  2. Comfort in shoes is so important to our day. Clark's sandals have inner soles that are padded and comfy for me. Your new shoes are gorgeous. I hope you have a good diagnosis and treatment for your left foot problems.

  3. Those are super cute! Comfortable shoes are so important! I am plagued with plantar fasciitis and really have to be careful about what I wear.

  4. We hope the shoes work out for you! Our mom had neuromas removed in BOTH feet, years apart.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Those are so cute!!!! I love them! I have been having a hard time with the ball of my left foot. I bought Naturalizers for people who stand a lot and they are helping a little! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Ugh, foot issues have got to be the worse. I love shoes and comfort is important, but I do love the cute styles as well as long as the heel is not too high.

  7. I like those shoes,,, I hope they get to feeling better and better

  8. What cute shoes! We hope they work for you!

  9. They look cute. I hope they work out for you!


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