Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Fun At The Lake

Happy Monday to you and Happy August. This weekend our family, minus hubby and I, went camping at a nearby lake. We've been there a few times before, but never with a boat. Carrie's family owns a nice ski boat and although they weren't sure about taking it, they did and what fun everyone had on Saturday. Hubby and I got there by 8:30 and by 9:30 we were on the lake.
The two oldest grandsons went out tubing, as did the two oldest granddaughters.  However, the most fun was seeing Carrie and Kim going tubing.  Although I was on the shore with the kiddos, we could hear them screaming as they bounced over the wake.  It brought back so many memories of their teens, when we owned a Wave Runner and would go out almost every weekend.

Kim and Mr. L.
Usually, when Carrie's family go boating her hubby doesn't get to tube-he's always driving.  Hubby was there so both sil's went together. That was a hoot!

Eric, on the left in the bridge orange t-shirt is such a card.  He keeps us laughing.
Hubby doing what he loves best-driving a boat.  Maybe he loves it second best, golf would come first.
Hubby and Mr. B decided to take a turn.

You wonder why in the world I'm not tubing, well I had a very good reason-again I was on the shore with all the kiddos.  We had lunch at the beach and then hubby had to head into work, so we headed home.  It was such fun that we picked up hot dogs and headed back to the campsite for dinner.  We've shared so many memories and years camping together, we missed it-but not enough for me to sleep on the ground.  Give me an RV and then we'll talk.
Yesterday afternoon it poured and I lamented to my girls that is didn't feel like summer.  Carrie texted back: "Summer is still here and we must enjoy her until the very last minute.  And, then once she leaves, we can let fall come quietly to visit with candles and soft warm days.  But, today is still time to enjoy summer, especially when she drenches us with an afternoon rain shower." Copywrite July 31, 2016

Yes, we will embrace each day we have left; the Cicadas are already chirping and letting us know of the coming season.  For me, I plan on spending some time at the pool today.  Yesterday, I got 26 ears of corn and cut it up for the freezer, packed 3 pounds of green beans in freezer bags and started working on 20 pounds of Palisades Peaches(the best peaches I've ever tasted).
I hope you are enjoying the last weeks of summer and that you will embrace August.
Joy to you!


  1. What a lovely afternoon!
    Wish we had a boat (still) and could get back on the river. I miss it!

  2. Wonderful post and photos . Looks and sounds like all had a great time . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  3. Looks like a grand time was had by all!
    Good times for sure :-)

    Enjoy your day~~

  4. What fun Noreen! You know me...I am a boating gal. Love to be on the water. I used love to be IN the water, but for now, I am fine with being on the water.
    Enjoy every minute!!
    xo Kris

  5. Oh, we are trying to embrace summer but it would be so much easier to do if it wasn't so hot! Our mom says she will not sleep on the ground either (despite the fact dad still has all his camping gear). Our mom would be on the shore cuz she is scared of water stuffs.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. What a great post! Yes, it's hard to believe we're facing the last weeks of summer already. We are definitely ready for some cooler weather and praying for some good rains for the trees.

    I love the adults having child-like fun.

  7. OH what a perfectly wonderful time that looks like! How fun it would be to have a boat, and then share those times with family. August and Sept both are such HOT months here in California, that I am hoping they go quickly. Lots of fun things happening though, so I will cherish those. Have a good week my friend!

  8. I'm with Murphy above about the heat, fuhget about it! Glad everyone had a good time! catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. What a memory making good time! I'm sore just seeing the pictures of them tubing. Ouch! Bask in the memories this week.

  10. Sounds like so much fun! Way to go on getting the fresh veggie packed up. That will be a nice treat this Fall and Winter.


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