Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It's Outdoor Wednesday and I'm going to walk shortly with my neighbor, the gal who is 70 and walks a minimum of 3 miles every day.  She really puts me to shame; however when it works out I always try to walk with her and another neighbor.  Yesterday I had my quilt club meeting and won a bottle of
I have never used this product before, but have started using starch on some of my smaller quilt pieces. I'm excited to try this, because I heard ladies raving about it at the store.  I will let  you know my opinion once I use it.  The club I belong to has one block per month which is definitely doable.
I just got back from walking and am so hot!  
I hope your week has been easy and you've had some time to enjoy the weather, unless you live in Ca. where there are more wildfires or in Louisiana where there are so many areas flooding-then I pray for your safety.


  1. Your neighbor sounds like an amazing woman! That's really terrific!
    I've heard good things about Best Press but have never used it!

  2. Your neighbor inspires you, good for her. I live in California and we can smell the smoke from a fire that is 70 miles away. I am praying for rain here and for the fires to go out and for the end of flooding in Louisiana.

  3. Mom is one of the few people we knew who actually irons clothes:) We are going to tell her to look at this product, bet she would love it.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Congratulations on the win. I've used Best Press, but evidently I don't know how to use it properly because I couldn't really tell any difference. :-(

    I need to work on increasing my walking distance.


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