Tuesday, February 2, 2016

So Much Snow

Morning Friends, What a storm we've had-it snowed all yesterday and by the time hubby got home from indoor badminton, he said we had ten inches of snow out in front. It snowed lightly last night, but we got up early to shovel, as he was playing simulator golf today. What I can tell you is that we are so thankful for our neighbor across the street, because he was doing all the sidewalks with his snowblower when we got out front at 7:15. I immediately began shoveling the driveway where hubby's old Explorer sits, so he could get out. We only did 1/3 of the snow removal and it took us an hour. Norb cleared our driveway and also did the sidewalks on both sides of the court. Hubby actually admitted today would have been a good day to own a snow blower. I'm stating that because he has refused over the years that it would be useful, he just doesn't like them. I can say I love them. My big joke here is that if something were to happen and he couldn't go out to shovel, I would just buy a quad with a shovel on the front of it and do the whole court. I'm serious about that; though have to admit there is an older couple(in their 80's)that get out and shovel whenever we have snow and do the sidewalks too. She is my hero. I can also tell you that I can definitely feel my arm muscles after shoveling yesterday and today. If we continue to have snow amounts like this, hubby may just be willing to get a snow blower. The very first thing he did this morning was to clear the back stairs down to the patio and a path for Hunter to get to a covered area, so he could go to the bathroom. What a man! The photos of our front door don't  look too bad, but we've got steps going up to it and believe me the snow was deep.
Our deck.

It's going to be another inside day today; I'm supposed to go to something at the library tonight, but I think it may be cancelled.  I will be spending my time downstairs, squaring up my blocks and then sewing rows together.  It feels so good to be on this part of the process, maybe one day soon the top will be together and I'll be able to show it to you.
I hope you have a good day and if you have snow like we do, stay warm.


  1. Wow it missed us by about 100 miles, we are getting rain and some ice.
    stella rose

  2. It is beautiful but never fun to clear away!

  3. Noreen, I always say I feel like I have gorilla arms after I have shoveled...they feel so heavy and long. LOL...we have a snow blower and tEd doesn't want me using it...but I shovel the drives...I do it in shifts and rest and get lots of water to stay hydrated. I hope your husband will reconsider buying a snow blower...he could get a small one. Blessings to both of you and please don't over do. xoxo,Susie

  4. oh my goodness it's soo beautiful! But I have a feeling I'd NOT enjoy the shoveling process. I know I couldn't even do it so the sweet woman in her eighty's IS a hero, lol.
    Enjoy your day sewing Noreen. I am doing the same. It got down to 32 last night which for us was SOOO cold, lol. But heating up to sixty three today. Such a difference we have.

  5. Mom says she is sick of snow and cold and wearing so many coats!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Oh my that is a lot of snow ! We are snowless here after rain sun and warm temps . raining right now with high winds maybe even a thunder storm they are saying we are in flood warnings we are to get so much rain over the next day or so ! This time last year we were deep in snow and very cold . I can say this year we aren't missing our regular winters at all ! Thanks for sharing take it easy and be safe , have a good day !

  7. It all looks so pretty. We didn't even get a snowflake:( All we got was rain and a noisy thunderstorm that set off a seizure for poor Ciara. We hope we can get one good snowfall before spring arrives. Be careful with that shoveling, that is a lot of snow!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. They said this would be a big storm for you and I guess they were right. We had a huge snow blower when we lived in WI. My husband called it "Big Bertha" and she could clear our long drive in no time. It's a good purchase when you have a lot of snow.

  9. Your world is soooo white and fluffy and beautiful.


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