Thursday, February 25, 2016

It's Thankful Thursday and I just have to say I am so very thankful for the man I get to spend life with. Even after almost 38 years of marriage and 42 years of being together, he is still such an incredible blessing to me. Not a day goes by when I don't realize just how lucky I am. Thoughtful, patient(he definitely needs it being married to me), tolerant, fun, loving and kind. Not only the very best husband, but a wonderful dad and Papa as well as brother and a great friend. Yesterday, we took a drive to a quilt store to get fabric for our quilt and then even went to Joanns. I took him by a model home to show him a bench I want him to build for my birthday present(yes, he's very gifted too)and he said no problem. Later, I showed him a quilting ironing board(to enlarge the ironing board for quilts)that I want him to make and he told me to buy the cover so he'd have the right dimensions. We happened to compare the costs of our hobbies, because quilting can get expensive, but he said his golf is way beyond my quilting.

So this morning, we are both home and had a wonderful breakfast. So many friends are battling with cancer or other life threatening illnesses and I realized we just don't know how long we've got on this earth. This year was our year to go to Kauai, but he decided that we would pass on it and use the $$$ for other things. I thought he'd be so disappointed, but we both have other adventures we want to go on.  If you have family close to you and a person you share your heart with, make sure you tell them on a regular basis how lucky you are.
So today, I lift my heart to my beloved and say I'm so glad to be married to him.
Always and forever,


  1. Awe... So sweet! Love you both!

  2. This is so sweet. I hope my husband and I are the same way years from now!

  3. The love behind your message explains why he cares so much for you:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Aw, how sweet! And nice that your hobbies kinda intersect!
    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. It always makes me happy when I read this type of post. So many folks take their days and relationships for granted. I'm forever grateful for the 30 years I had with my Mark, sad they are over, but so grateful they existed!! You are blessed AND are a blessing! Thank you friend, Cindy xo

  6. I love to hear about your blessings and thankfulness

  7. How I LOVE reading posts like this! Yes, you have been very blessed indeed and I have a feeling he is just as blessed as well by YOU! I hesitate sometimes singing my hubby's praises as much as I could as I too am sooo fortunate. I am glad to hear that other hubby's are willing to do the quilt store and Joannes with their wives, lol. My hubby has got it down too. He checks when we are leaving to make sure we've got our coupons, and grabs a cutting number for me when he knows I am close. It's the little things isn't it? Rejoicing with you on your man..HUGS


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