Thursday, August 6, 2015

Happy Thursday to you!  We have been so busy with our guests that I've had a hard time finding minutes to be on here.  Yesterday we had a grand day; I took Aletha to some of favorite stores in Fort Collins.
We had lunch at a new restaurant for me in Old Town, called The Kitchen.  This salad was incredible!

I couldn't let lunch go by without a getting a photo of the birthday girl.
After lunch we wandered through some shops and helped the economy,  but mainly enjoyed being together.  We talked about all of our years together and our adventures, though since we've moved out of California our times have been few and far between.  The other day we watched a PBS special on John Denver; for those of you who are relatively new here you may not know that Aletha and I played guitar and sang together in high school-at a local coffee house.  We loved John Denver's music and played much of it.  We still love it and will sing together if we hear a song.  What was interesting in the story of his life and music is that, contrary to my family's thoughts on these lyrics, they were not about the drugs during the 70's.  Actually, John Denver went camping in Aspen Colorado and they experienced seeing a meteor shower; afterwards he wrote this song.  He also then moved to Aspen.

He was born in the summer of his 27th year, coming home to a place he'd never been before.
He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again,
you might say he found a key for every door.
When he first came to the mountains, his life was far away on the road and hanging by a song.
But the strings already broken and he doesn't really care,
it keeps changing fast, and it don't last for long.

And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high, I've seen it raining fire in the sky.
The shadows from the starlight are softer than a lullaby.
Rocky Mountain high, Colorado. Rocky Mountain high.

He climbed cathedral mountains, he saw silver clouds below,
he saw everything as far as you can see.
And they say that he got crazy once and he tried to touch the sun,
and he lost a friend, but kept the memory.
Now he walks in quiet solitude, the forest and the streams, seeking grace in every step he takes.
His sight is turned inside himself, to try and understand
the serenity of a clear blue mountain lake.

And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high, I've seen it raining fire in the sky.
You can talk to God and listen to the casual reply.
Rocky Mountain high, Colorado. Rocky Mountain high.

Now his life is full of wonder, but his heart still knows some fear,
of a simple thing he can not comprehend.
Why they try to tear the mountains down to bring in a couple more,
more people, more scars upon the land.

And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high, I've seen it raining fire in the sky.
I know he'd be a poor man if he never saw an eagle fly,
Rocky Mountain high, the Colorado Rocky Mountain high, I've seen it raining fire in the sky.
Friends around the campfire and everybody's high
Rocky Mountain high, Colorado. Rocky Mountain high.
Rocky Mountain high, Colorado. Rocky Mountain high. 
This was always a favorite song of mine and still is; I hope this sheds some light on the lyrics for those who thought he might have been doing drugs when he wrote it.  
I hope you all have a great day; we are off to run to a few more stores.  
Joy to you!


  1. That salad looks so good. stella rose

  2. Mom enjoys his music too. Thanks for the background. Our Dad is out your way for a few days - big meeting at The Broadmoor. Mom is so wishing she could have gone along too.

    Woos- Ciara and Lightning

  3. He was a wonderful performer and singer and is truly missed. So glad y'all are having a wonderful time and bet the local economy is happy your visiting!

  4. I loved John Denver's music as well, a talented man who died too young! I've been super busy helping mom get moved and settled in her new home. Plus she had her second eye surgery which I took her to. I love the fabrics you shared in the previous post! May you continue to enjoy your friends and the beauty in which you live. Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  5. There is nothing like the fun you have with an "old" friend! What a great history you two share and wonderful old and new memories too!


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